Skateboard Scotland Board Members

Ali Menzies, Chairperson

Ali has been in this role since 2005. He has been skateboarding in Edinburgh constantly since 1988 barring a few breaks to heal broken bones. Initially his days were spent at Bristo Square street skateboarding until the new dawn of Concrete skateparks in Scotland. Although the closure of Bristo Square is still a sore point. He can now be found skating Saughton skatepark in Edinburgh a few times a week with his son Kieran who rides for Santa Cruz. He also has two other kids which keeps him busy. He spends a lot of time trying to organise events for Skateboard Scotland such as War of the Thistles and has also recently represented Scotland’s voice at various Skateboard Summits organized by the World Skateboard Federation both in Istanbul and South Africa. To pay the bills he currently works as an Assistant Vice President for a corporate bank.

Sam Paterson, Vice-Chairperson

Sam started skating in Glasgow in 1987 and spent 3 years working in Clan skates before moving to Edinburgh in 1993 where he’s lived ever since. Sam works for a coffee company and skates with some of the old Bristo crew every week.

Neil Currie, Treasurer

Neil has been skateboarding since the early 90s.  A father of 2 living in Fife and working in Edinburgh. Whenst not carrying out fatherhood duties or skating he can usually be found behind a camera or devising new and ingenious ways of using up spare time.

Rick Curran, Secretary

Rick started skateboarding after watching ‘Future Primitive’ in 1985. Rick has been actively involved in skateboarding since then and helped design and build The Factory skateparks that have been built in Dundee since the late 80’s. His main skatespot is the concrete park in Dudhope Park. Rick’s day job is web design & development. He’s married to Annie and has three children, Natalie, Gabriella and Timothy.

Aidan Taylor, Vice-Secretary

Aidan, born 1974, skating since 1982. He is currently the coordinator of Radworx. His two main beliefs in skateboarding are there is no such thing as a bad skate spot and the best skater in the session is the one with the biggest smile.

Murray McCormick, Vice-Treasurer

But for that pesky Mr Omond, Murray would claim to be the veteran having skated since the 70’s. Two of his sons have thrived on the skate scene thanks to all of the work done by Skateboard Scotland. Murray has been involved in the grassroots/diy build scene in Edinburgh since 2012 and can be found most weekends skating anywhere around the central belt .

Leah Moodie, Committee Member

Leah started skating in Edinburgh during her first year at university in 2018. She skates for Doyenne Skateboards, is a member of the Skateboobs crew and formed the Orkney Wheeled Sports Club in 2019. Leah moved to Glasgow after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art and works as a professional artist.

Taran Campbell, Committee Member

Taran is 33 and from Inverness. He helped create the Highland Skate Parks Association and has spent about half his life trying to improve skateboard facilities in the Highlands.
His greatest success will be the building of the new Inverness Skatepark this summer. He organises the local skate events and trips as well as running skateboard workshops and clubs.
He has a lifelong addiction to skateboarding and travel and is unstoppable at connect 4!

Liam Dargie, Committee Member

Liam started skating around 15 years ago and hails from Perth, (the best park in Scotland that everyone forgets about haha) loves a good trip to Copenhagen or anywhere with some good bowls, theres nothing better than a good frontside grind on some pool blocks!  He has been helping organise the Perth jam for the last 4 years or so, tasks ranging from organising sponsors to running the event on the day. Its always a blast so make sure to look out for it!

Kenny Omond, Committee Member

Biography coming soon.

Mark Burrows, Committee Member

Biography coming soon.

Jamie Blair, Committee Member

Started skating 1976. Original Kelvingrove team member. 78 to 81 Scottish bowl riding champ. Sponsored by Vision and Schmitt Stix 86. Opened Clan Skates (Skate/surf/Snowboard shop) in Glasgow 1988. Has been involved in skateboard demos /comps and coaching every decade since. Active surfer/snowboarder and skater.

Hamish McKnight, Committee Member

GB Snowsport. Head Coach, Freestyle Snowboard.
Beginning his career as a professional snowboarder, Hamish remains to this day a time served and committed skater. Throughout his successful career as a Team GB Head Coach he has led our national team program and athletes to numerous medals in Olympic Games, X-Games and many other world class competitions. Currently working on the Masters in Sporting Directorship through Manchester Met University he’s also able to apply his wealth of action sports knowledge and experience at an executive level.

Russ Crichton, Committee Member

Born 1972, 1st skateboard in 1982, followed up with meeting Russ Hall in 1984 when he stopped me pushing mongo! Early years in Linlithgow, Edinburgh and a Livi regular for many years. Travelled overseas for a while, skating and snowboarding. After seasons travelling with my wife Debbie, we moved to Aberdeen for 10 years, had three boys and then moved to Banchory where we’ve been for the last 11 years. I set up a Charity “Banchory Skatepark Group” with friends in 2017 to build a new concrete Skatepark in Banchory planned for late 2019.
my quote – “Skateboarding should be managed by Skateboarders – we’re a lot smarter than we look!”

Ally Campbell, Committee Member

Ally Campbell is from Inverness and in his own word’s he’s “been off and on the board for 19 years but never taken my eye off skating. 4 years ago I joined the Highland Skate Parks Association to help where I could. During this time we’ve had a pump track built by Velosolutions and I’ve progressed to the position of vice chairman of the charity. Also during this time I was given the opportunity to build a diy skate spot through redbull. @theforgottenroad for more on that.”

David Mitchell, Committee Member

I took up skateboarding at the ripe old age of 33, this wasn’t a midlife crisis it was so I could enjoy more time with my son Abraham when he decided to take up skateboarding. Since then I have immersed myself in the skateboarding scene,  I am the chairman of the Muir of Ord Skate park Association charity, I help out Concreate skateparks write their tenders and I dug a big hole in the bottom of garden that one day might be a bowl.

James Copeland, Committee Member

James has been skating for about 18 years, grew up skating in Aberdeen but has been living and skating in Edinburgh for about 10 years now. The last few years he has been heavily involved in the Leith DIY projects. Managing the money, helping with the build and sourcing funding etc.

Russ Hall, Committee Member

Biography coming soon.