Past Events Archive

Transition Extreme Game of Skate 2023

Skateboard Scotland AGM 2022

The Clash of the Clans – 30th October 2022

War of the Thistles 2022

2022 Scottish Open Street & Park Championships

Perth Jam

Fundee Jam

Leven Skatepark Fun Day

UK Miniramp champs

Gnarbroath Jam

Newport Jam

Saughton Jam

War of the Thistles 2020 – POSTPONED!

FakieSB Store & Skatespot launch event

Scottish Street Champs & Skateboard Scotland AGM 2020

Perth Skate Jam 2019 – Sun 25th August 2019

Fundee Skate Jam 2019 – 24th Aug 2019

Scottish Miniramp Champs 2019 – Leith DIY Mini Ramp

Leven Skatepark Funday 2019 – 10th August 2019

Gnarbroath Skate Jam 10th August 2019

Inverness Skate Jam 2019

Kirkcaldy Jam 2019 – 3rd August 2019

Newport Skatepark Jam – Saturday 20th July 2019

Westburn Skate Jam – Saturday 13th July 2019

Livi Skate Party 2019 – June 28 & 29 2019

The Clan Skates Riverside Roll – June 22 2019

Largs Skatepark Jam – 8th June 2019

Dunfermline Jam – 25th May 2019

War of the Thistles 2019

Scottish Street Champs & Skateboard Scotland AGM 2019

Girls Take Over – Transition Skatepark – 19th Nov 2018

Dawn of the Shred Halloween Jam at Transgression Skatepark – 31st October 2018

Dayz of Skate – Riverside Transport Museum, Glasgow – 8th & 9th September 2018

Perth Skate Jam – 1st September 2018

Gnarbroath Skate Jam – 11th August 2018

Livi skate party 30th June – 1st July 2018

ninetyOne skateboards Summer ’18 Pop Up

Inverness Jam – 23rd June 2018

King of the Bowls comp – Renfrew Skatepark – 3rd June 2018

Freestyle Fun – Haddington Skate Park – May 12th 2018

War of the Thistles 2018

Transgression Bowl Jam – Feb 25th 2018

Scottish Street Champs & Skateboard Scotland AGM 2017

Transport Skate Jam – RESCHEDULED! Now October 8th 2017

Revolution action sports TV show tryout at Unit 23 Skatepark

Perth skate jam 2017 – 15 year anniversary! – 28th Aug

Fundee skate jam 2017 – 26th Aug

Scottish Mini-ramp Champs 2017 – 19th Aug

Gnarbroath skate jam 2017 – 12th Aug

Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2017

War of the Thistles 2017

Scottish Street Champs & Skateboard Scotland AGM 2016

Radworx competition – 22 Oct 2016

Weekend of Wheels, Scottish midi-ramp champs – 10-11th Sept 2016

Perth Jam at Perth skatepark 28/08/2016

Fundee Jam at Dudhope skatepark 27/08/2016

Memoirs skate video premiere – 26th Aug 2016

Newport skatepark fancy dress skate jam 20/08/2016

Arbroath skate jam 13/08/2016

Saughton skate jam 2016 – Saturday 30th July

5-a-side Game of Skate event at Inverness skatepark 16/07/2016

Renfrew “King of the Bowls” jam 05/06/2016

Red Bull Hold the Line wildcard entries

Skate jam – Fresh Air Festival – Dunfermline 28/05/2016

Comrie skatepark official opening 27/05/2016

ninetyOne skateboards Launch event

War of the Thistles 2016

Drylaw skatepark event

End of Winter Jam, Transgression Park, Edinburgh

Scottish Street Championships 2015 / Skateboard Scotland AGM

UK Mini Ramp Champs 2015

Newport Skatepark Official Opening 26-09-2015

Perth Skate Jam

Fundee Jam

Gnarbroath Jam

Livi Fun Party 2015

Carnoustie Skatepark opening ceremony

War of the Thistles 2015 – 10th Anniversary of WOTT!

UK Vert Series 2015

Christmas Skate Jam at The Space

Skateboard Scotland AGM 2014

Arbroath Skatepark grand opening – Sat 11th October

Scottish Mini Ramp Championships 2014

Scottish Street Championships 2014

Perth Skate Jam 2014

Fundee Day 2014

Clan’s Game of Skate 2014

Saughton Skate Jam 2014

Newport Skate Park Collective AGM

Killin the Kirk 2014

Livi Skatepark weekend of skateboarding

12 Hour fundraising park session at The Space, North Berwick

War of the Thistles 2014

Cultural Canons and Kickflips Exhibition

Skateboard Scotland AGM 2013 / Skate Jam Sunday 8th December at The Space, North Berwick

UK Mini ramp Championships

VANS UKSA National Skateboarding Championships 2013

Scottish Mini Ramp Championships 12th Oct 2013

Wheels and Fins festival

Perth Comp – Concrete Slayer Series – the Final Event!

Fundee Comp – Concrete Slayer Series

Falkirk comp – Concrete Slayer Series

Vans Shop Riot UK

Saughton Jam – Concrete Slayer Series

UK Independent Vert Series 2013

Buckie Comp – Concrete Slayer Series

Waiting for Lightning Screenings

Livingston Comp – Concrete Slayer Series

Bellshill skatepark consultation

Renfrew Skate Jam 2013…

Newport Skatepark Public Consultation

War of the Thistles 2013

Vert Party 2 at the Space

Creative Skate Store Second Anniversary

North issue 2 launch

Garage Christmas Jam

Skate & Rock at the Space

Shredders Day Release Program

DGK Premiere at EK

Concrete Carnival

‘Pretty Sweet’ video premiere at EK Park

Relentless Pro Rider Weekend

Skateboard Scotland AGM

UK Mini Ramp Champs

Night of the Living Shred

Bones Brigade An Autobiography Scottish Premiere

UK Championships 2012

Death Vid Premiere

Sore Skateboards Premier

Focus Glasgow Sale

Kirkintilloch Jam

Shred by the Sea

Stirling Park Opening Event

East Lothian Tri-boarding Festival

Perth Jam

Fundee Jam

Edinburgh Local Young Gun’s Jam

Muir of Ord Jam

Burntisland Skate Fest

Killing the Kirk

EK Game of Skate

Garage Skate Park All Nighter

Queen o the Deen

Concrete Slayer Series

Evolution Skate Jam

Young Guns Scottish Leg

North Berwick Go skate day

Ignore this post, go skateboarding

Summer Ramp Jam 2012

Renfrew King of the Bowls Comp Concrete Slayer Series Leg 1

North Skate Mag Launch Party

War of the Thistles After Party

War of the Thistles 2012

Focus Sale

Newport on Tay Skate Park meeting

UK Vert Champs Scottish Leg

Road to NASS comp at The Space in North Berwick


Route One Free skate day at Unit 23

Focus Glasgow Sale

EK Park Christmas Jingle Jam 2011…

Concrete Carnival 2011

Transgression Bowl Jam

Skateboard Scotland Annual General Meeting 2011

Relentless Super Skate Tour

UK Mini Ramp Champs

Towns and Cities Premiere

North Berwick Halloween Jam

UK Championships 2011

EK Game of Skate

Burntisland Skate and Sounds…

Sidewalk video Premiere

Focus Sale

The Sea Side Sherd at North Berwick

Edinburgh Local Young Guns 2011 Skate Jam…

Kirkintilloch Jam

Fundee Comp (now on 27th Aug)

Perth Jam

Falkirk Jam

Carnage of the West Comp

Edinburgh Skate Comp

Es Game of Skate

Livi Weekend

Creature Tour

30 Acres Renfrew Comp…

Renfrew Comp

Cliche Bullseye tour

Livi Garage Skatepark Jam…

Spiked Undiscovered comp In Aberdeen

Battle of the Boards

Skateboard Scotland Christmas Jam

Gullane Bowl Opening

Ladies Skateboard Series UK

UKSA Mini Ramp Championships

Skateboard Scotland AGM 2010

KSI comp this weekend

UKSA National Championships

Nike SB tour to hit Edinburgh

Kirkintilloch Skate Jam

Edinburgh Comp

Dundee jam

Evolution Park comp

Killin’ the Kirk 2010

Queen o The Deen

Ipath tour hit Edinburgh Park

Ipath tour hits Transition Extreme

Young Guns – National Unsponsored Comp

Kirkcaldy Beve Park Comp

Radworx comp

Livi’s 30th Anniversary Jam

Inverness Jam

30 Acres Renfrew skate comp

ES demo

Red Bull Manny Mania 2010 at Dumbarton

Official Renfrew Opening Event

Official Edinburgh Skatepark Opening

Blueprint premier in Glasgow

A’DEEN Video Premier…

War of the Roses

Kirkintilloch Skatepark Opening The Big Sweep

Transition Extreme Charity Shop

UKSA Mini Ramp champs

Brunt Island opening Jam

Free skate night at the Factory

Red Bull Manny Mania comes to Edinburgh

Evolution Skatepark Skate Jam…

Vans UKSA Skate Championships

Heathen Tour

Skateboard Scotland AGM 2009

Concrete Carnival – Wakefield Competition

Pete King at Transgression Park

Perth Skate Jam 2009

Fundee Skate Jam at Dudhope Skatepark, Dundee

Rock n Roll Fundraiser for UK Skatechamps

Killin the kirk 4 competition

Young Guns National Unsponsored Skate Comp

Muir of Ord Skate Jam

Livi Skate Session

Inverness Ramp Jam

Go Skateboarding Day

Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival

HUB Festival, Liverpool

Comp at Transgression Skatepark, Edinburgh

Elgin Skatepark Official Opening

Radness Unlimited comp at Transgression Park

UK Mini Ramp Champs

Invergordon Skate Jam

Skate Jam – Dudhope Skatepark, Dundee

Kirkcaldy Skate Comp

Muirkirk Summer Festival Skate Comp

Skateboard Scotland Christmas Jam at Dumbarton

Factory Skatepark Christmas Jam

Volcom ‘Your Own Stone’ competition

War of the Roses Mission 2007!!!

Radworx Funday and Jam – Blantyre Skatepark

Perth Skatepark Jam

Kirkcaldy Skate comp

Livi Pure Fun Skate Party

“Ride with us” Tour

Jam and demo – Burdiehouse Skate park

Official Opening of Dunblane Skatepark

Radworxs Easter Skate Lessons at Blantyre

Jam at The Factory Skatepark

Glen & Addi’s Video Premier in Perth

Glenrothes Grand Video Premier and Gala Event

Livi Halloween Jam

Burdiehouse official opening day

Skye Demo

Perth 2006 Skate Jam

CU in the Park

Skateboard Scotland AGM

Forres Skate Jam

Oban Ramp Jam

Blueprint hit Edinburgh & Glasgow

Evolution Skatepark 1st Birthday Bash

Leven 2006 jam

Auchtermuchty skatepark comp

Zero visit Glasgow

United 06 hits Scotland

Creature Team tour Scotland

Kirkcaldy 2006 comp

Livi Pure Fun Weekend

Nike SB tour hits Glasgow

Circa Video Premiere/Demo/Signing

Mayhem at the Doghouse, Dundee

Ocean Terminal demo

Focus / Harmony Bristo fun day

East team Glasgow visit / video premiere

Aviemore Snow and Skate Jam

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