Queen o The Deen

Event date: July 31, 2010:

This event is open to the whole of Scotland this year. The basic deal is to get together with a crew and film footage between the 1st of July to the end of July. Then Edit a wee film. These will then all be show at the premiere in Aberdeen and the best edit wins.

We now have more details courtesy of Colin Bruce:

The competition itself is roughly based on Thrasher’s King Of The Road, and
based throughout Aberdeen, teams of up to 7 film and edit themselves completeing
challenges and doing tricks, all of which are worth points. The timespan lasts
for the month of July this year, and the winner is the team who completes as
many challenges as possible, but who also puts in the best and most entertaining

the videos are collected by Colin at the end of the month and a premier has
been arranged at Bar Korova for the 7th of August, which is also Tom Simpson’s 18th
Birthday, so it’s a joint celebration. Even if you don’t have an edit in the
mix, anyone is welcome at the premier, last year they topped out at around 200
people from all walks of life and had a really good night.

Here is the details of all the challenges for your teams:

Queen Of The Deen 2010 ; Tricks and Challenges.

Flat Land –

10 Points
Kickflip, Heelflip, Pop Shuv, FS

20 Points
360 Flip, Fakie 360 Flip, FS Flip, BS Flip

Fakie Flip/Heel, BS Bigspin, FS Bigspin (Both Popped) BS 360, Fakie
360, FS 360

All flatland tricks worth DOUBLE if done switch/nollie or if
completed in a line with another challenge.

For Every Stair they are done
down, an extra 10 points per step will be added to – ie: kickflip a 10 stair
will be worth 110 points, 360 a 10 stair will be worth 130 points and so

Points will only be awarded once per trick, and additional points
will only be given out once – ie: if someone kickflips a 10 stair and someone
kickflips an 11 stair, only the 11 set extra points will be given.

/ Rails –

5050 – 10 points
5-0 – 20 points
Back Tail / FS Tail – 20
points each
Back Lip / FS Lip – 30 points
Smith either way – 30
Feeble either way – 30 points
Bluntslide – 50 Points
grind – 100 points
Hit a Handrail – 100 Points

Trick into grind is
worth an extra 50
Trick out of grind is worth an extra 50
Trick in AND
trick out of SAME grind worth extra 200

Transition – All Worth 50

Boardslide Either Way
Rock ‘n’ Roll 360
Hurricane / Sugar
Tailslide BS or FS with Revert Either Way
Smith / Feeble
either way
May Day
Sweeper – Straight Back In
One Foot
Hit up a Doubles Line
Air a Team Mate while they skate the
Blindfolded Rock Fakie
Switch Drop In on a Vert Ramp
Wall Ride

If Any of these tricks are done on a vert ramp, 50 Bonus Points
will be added per trick.

Airs – All Worth 50
Rocket Air

All Worth Double if Done on a Vert Ramp

Manuals – All Worth 50

180 Switch Manual (either Way)
Nose Manual Nollie Flip
FS Shuv Manual
Manual Grabs
Trick In
Trick Out
Trick In and
Out (Worth 150 Points)
Trick In, During THEN Out (Worth 200

The Kings Challenges – All Worth 50 Points Unless

Skate a Road Gap
Piggy Back Kickflip
Get Your Dad to do a
trick on your board
10 Pint Tre Flip Challenge – 150 Points
Perform a
Trick naked
Kiss from a skatepark Mum (Yeh Sheck’s.)
Drink Milk out of a
friend’s skated shoe
Sticker Up A Rival Skate Shop Rider’s Board
Boards Laid Flat Ollied – 150 Points
Skate A Spot Outside A’deen
Build and
Skate Your Own DIY Spot – 100 Points.Get a Trick On the Ledgendary Westhill
Brown Rail
Tell Krazy Martin a Joke
Sticker up a BMXr’s Bike
Line with a BMXr
Best Trick Barefoot
Oldest Bird Pulled in the Month of
Get Props from a homeless person.
Gnarliest Hillbomb.

Get a
Skateboard or A’deen Related Tattoo – 1000 points

Spot List – All
Worth 20 points

Church Rail
Westburn Mini
Pumping Station
Denburn Banks / Manny Pad
Music Hall Stairs
White Harbour Banks
Boulevard Rails
Wave Wall
Silver Darling Ledges
Morrison Piss Banks
Marks and Spencers

All Challenges MUST be filmed if points are to be awarded and
points will not be counted if more than 3 challenges are completed at the same

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team, the person who takes
the best slam aswell as the person who we think rips hardest throughout the
edits, even if they ain’t on the winning team. All the footage will be collected
and shown at a later date.

An additional 50 points per person per team
will be added to those who grow and rep a moustache on the night of the premier.
Girls welcome to participate also.

So that’s the list – get yer skate

Check out Last years winning entry :

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