Our skatepark directory is a work-in-progress and we need people to help make it better! Right now we’ve got quite a lot of the well known parks in the directory, but there are a lot of other parks we either don’t know about them at or we need more information about them.

You can help by taking a look at the skatepark map to see if there are any parks you have information about that we don’t currently have listed. We’re looking for specific information such as its Address / location, does it have lights, is it indoor / outdoor, does it cost money to use, is safety equipment / Helmets required, contact details such as Email, telephone number and website address, the date it was constructed, who constructed it and how much did it cost. Take a look at the Dudhope skatepark entry and you can see an example with most of these bits of information: https://skateboardscotland.com/map-entries/dudhope-skatepark/

Additionally any decent images and video footage of the park will help to let people see what the park is like. A decent wide panoramic overview image of the parks ideal as it lets people get an idea of what the park us like, videos going around the park would also be useful to let people get a better idea of what the park is like.

So, if you think you can help with any of this then use the contact form below to provide details to us. Don’t forget to check out the parks that are already in the directory, if you think that any information for parks that are already online needs updated then feel free to send us updates via the same form.

If you know of a park that’s not in this list and you think should be there then please let us know about that too! You can use the following form to provide us with any information you might have:

The following fields are for the details of the skatepark:

Address of the skatepark:

(Note: this one is a bit tricky to find, but the best way is to zoom in to where the park is on Google maps, then click on the wee "hamburger" menu at the top left and then select the "Share or Embed map" options and then just send us that link!)

If you selected yes for either of the two options above then we'll get in touch with you to get hold of the images / video.

(Note: Any fields marked with * are required)

(Please note, if you want to send information about more than one skatepark then please reload the page after submitting each one, otherwise the anti-spam “recaptcha” widget will prevent you submitting anything you enter!)

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