Skye Demo

Event date: September 21, 2006:

There will be a number of bands playing, a room full of skate stuff old and new. There will also be a demo on a selection of ramps including 2 launch ramps, 2 flat banks, 2 manual boxes, 2 ledges and a flat bar. There should be a big barbeque and a best trick on the flat bar and flat banks comp.

Chris from Sick Skateboards (new scottish co) will have two gazebo’s with stuff in them such as raffle tickets, and some skate products. The event will take place on the 22nd of september between 7pm and 10pm and again on the 23rd of september between 10am and 5pm. Its on the Isle of Skye, Portree, An turrin.

Directions: on the way into Portree, as you come in you will see a high school to you left which is in the middle of being built. about 50 yards from that there’s a turn off to the left, you go up that road for about half a mile and you’ll see a shell garage on your right and Howdens on your left. Take the left right after Howdens and go up the the hill. the museum is at the very top of the hill. There will be signs and space to park.

Another home grown event arranged by the locals for the locals.

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