Event date: July 8, 2023 at The Highland Hideout, somewhere near Oban:

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a vert comp in Scotland, largely because we haven’t had a vert ramp* to run one on since The Space in North Berwick closed in 2015. However, if you follow us on Instagram or other Scottish skate Instagram accounts then you might have seen The Highland Hideout, an amazing private indoor vert ramp that has been built somewhere in the highlands near Oban.

Thanks to the existence of this vert oasis in the Scottish desert the UK Independent Vert Series will be running a leg of their comp series at The Highland Hideout on Saturday July 8th 2023.

Please keep an eye out for further updates nearer the time in regard to access to the event (please keep in mind that this is a private facility), follow The Highland Hideout, UK Vert Series and Skateboard Scotland.

Remember when we used to have this vert ramp in The Space in North Berwick? Rad photo by @russ_hall

*Yes, we know there is an old outdoor vert ramp in Queen’s Park in Glasgow, it’s pretty sketchy and not something that could be used for a serious comp, plus it’s outdoors in a park in Glasgow.

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