War of the Roses Mission 2007!!!

Event date: October 26, 2007:

Skateboard Scotland are organising a couple of Mini buses to go down the the War of the Roses this year to be held at Interact Park in Burnley and The Works in Leeds. We are only organising the transport so you will have to pay yourselves into the parks (a tenner for each day). The cost is 23 quid to cover the diesel and van hire. This fee must be paid up front to ensure a place on one of the buses. The places are available on a first come first serve basis.


9.30am Saturday 27th October

Buses will be leaving Focus in Edinburgh

13.00: Get to Interact and shralp til ya hurt.

22.00: Find somewhere to crash. Bring your tents as there will not be much space to sleep in the van and we cannot sleep in the park this year.

11.00 Sunday 28th October

Mission it to Leeds for next day. We hope to be back in Edinburgh for about 11pm (maybe 12pm) on Sunday.

Get in touch with Focus to book your space and pay your fee, better make it quick as spaces will go fast!

For more info – www.focuspocus.co.uk

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