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Event date: March 1, 2011:

Rowan Leisure from Fife have organised a Scottish team event:

The competition will run 1st April 2011 until the 24th April 2011 only; all teams will record a 5 to 10 minute film of evidence of the completion of the “Mad Haggis Trick List” and “The Jaggy Thistle Challenge”. The winners of the competition and those to form the team to represent Scotland for the 2011-2012 season will be announced on Saturday the 21st May 2011, at the final day Skate Jam. (Park to be arranged).

Each team must have 6 members, although at list one member must be under 16 years old, teams are also encouraged to have at least 1 female member.

10 to 16 members – these members must be 16 years old or under at the 21st May 2011. Female member (Any Age)

In order to represent all areas of Scotland each team members must come from i.e.: Lothian – Aberdeenshire – Strathclyde. We presently have teams representing Fife and Tayside, so if you would like to be include in these teams contact us and we will forward your details.

As part of the competition, all teams had to record their footage at two named indoor and two named outdoor parks; this requirement will now be amended once we have received all entries.

Deadline; for entering a team to this year’s competition 1st March 2011.

If you would like to fined out more about the competition and how you can enter a team, please contact Rowan Leisure at the below e-mail address:

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