Event date: August 24, 2019 at Dudhope Skatepark, Dundee:

Fundee skate jam 2019 is happening on 24th Aug 2019 at Dudhope Skatepark in Dundee. This year it’s being held in loving memory to one of the Dudhope locals Kieran McKenzie. It will be a rad day to get together and skate so hopefully people from around Scotland can make it through to shred for Kieran!

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  1. We attended Fundee Day at Dudhope Park today. It was held in memory of our son Kieran McKenzie. Two giant murals of Kieran had been spray painted on the park walls. Skateboarders came from all over Scotland. The atmosphere was electric. We as a Family would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the organisers. We now totally understand why our son Kieran wanted to spend his every waking moment at Dudhope. It’s not just about skateboarding, it’s about family, community, love and a sense of belonging.
    Many Thanks for a wonderful day – Kieran would have loved it.

    1. It definitely was an amazing day on Saturday, so great to have such a big turnout at Dudhope – an amazing day of skateboarding by people of all ages. Thank you for the positive words about the event, skateboarding definitely is a family which extends around the country and beyond, and Kieran was a big part of that family and will be missed by many.

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