Radworxs Easter Skate Lessons at Blantyre

Event date: April 1, 2007:

Paul Sylvester of Radworx has informed us that they are running skateboarding lessons in conjunction with South Lanarkshire council over the Easter break. Radworx has now been going over the last four years running summer lessons at the local skate parks. Over the last 5 months they have started taking out a mini ramp to youth clubs getting more young people interested in skateboarding. They have also just finished a pilot teaching in skateboarding in schools as a PE lesson. The response to which was so good that it has led to them running the lessons in the Easter holidays.

They are planning to bus kids in from different areas to Blantyre skate park. Most of these kids have never been to a proper skate park, some because they can’t afford the equipment (Radworx supply pads and boards). That will run from Monday the 2nd of April through to Thursday the 5th. On Friday the 6th it’s a free for all, all the kids are invited down to take part in a jam.

Radworx website, http://www.radworx.co.uk.

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