Event date: March 8, 2024 at The Loading Bay skatepark, Glasgow:

“Valley Boy” is a documentary by Guy Thomson about Scottish skateboard photographer Kerr Melville:

“Valley Boy” is an observational documentary that delves into the vibrant world of Scottish skateboarding through the lens of Kerr Melville, a local skateboard photographer. Set against the backdrop of gritty urban environments, this documentary weaves together the artistry of photography, the spirit of skateboarding, and the power of community.

“Valley Boy” is a celebration of resilience and determination, shining a spotlight on the unique individuals who make up the Scottish skateboarding community. Through their stories, we discover how skateboarding is more than just a sport; it’s a catalyst for friendship, self-expression, and positive change.

Kerr, alongside a diverse cast of skateboarders including Dean Mackie, Danny Aubrey, Ben Leyden, Romany Rae, Rudi & Mac, Charlie Myatt, and Tom Shimmin, takes us on a journey that transcends the world of tricks and grinds.

This documentary is an ode to inclusiveness, showcasing how the Scottish skate scene welcomes and embraces individuals from all walks of life.

Whether you’re an avid skateboarder, a photography enthusiast, or someone interested in the broader themes of community, “Valley Boy” promises an informative and heartwarming experience. Join us as we uncover the untold stories of the people who make the Scottish skate scene truly exceptional.

Guy Thomson Videography

The initial premiere screening sold out very quickly, so due to the exceptional demand there is an additional screening at The Loading Bay skatepark at 7pm on Friday 8th March 2024.

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