There have been skate Instructors/coaches in Scotland as long as there have been indoor skateparks, however, there has never been the option for someone to claim that they were actually qualified to teach someone to skate. With the increase in popularity of skateboarding lots of different groups of people (Schools/youth groups) have been posing that very question to skate coaches and to Skateboard Scotland.

The answer used to be “there is not a qualification available”. Not anymore! Skateboard Scotland have been working with Radworx for the last few years to come up with an Official Skateboard Instructor qualification. We can assure you that this qualification will prepare you for the ups and downs of being a Skateboard Instructor.

Here is a bit more colour to Skateboard Instruction:

It may sound like the perfect job, hanging at the skatepark or the school gym, brushing up your tricks as you session with a group of cool local kids…

The reality is very different.

Being a Skateboard Instructor requires a high level of maturity, patience, awareness, and people skills. There are times when you will have to assess a situation and make unpopular decisions – the park is too wet, or the surface of the area you’ve been assigned is too damaged to skate safely. Two of your participants are not getting along, is one bullying the other? What action do you take? Parents may demand information from you at the busiest time. Police or community officers may want to know what you are doing and why. As a Skateboard Instructor these will be the minor day-to-day trials you’ll face before the idea of teaching even crosses your mind.

The Official Scottish Skateboard Instructor Qualification course assumes that you have considered the real downsides as well as the fantasy upsides, and that you have decided being a skateboard instructor could be the job for you.

The teaching techniques have been honed from years of teaching complete beginners how to stand on a board, to offering tips to more advanced riders on how to tweak flips and grabs. We acknowledge that much of skateboarding and its instruction is intuitive; individual techniques may vary but it is the standard and safety of delivery that is of real concern to those assessing your progress.

The Dropping-in Award. Level 1.

This course is designed to bring an instructor to a level where you can teach a total beginner the art of skateboarding to a level of competence were they are able to do basic manoeuvres and use a skate park safely. The course will last 3 days and include 4 separate units largely practical based with some theory.

Further information and Application form is available to print from Radworx’s website ( or contact Aidan Taylor