Skateboard Scotland Sighthill Jam 2005

Words: Ali
Pictures: Joe

Mark Burrows shows us how it’s done

‘Dear Rain Gods please don’t rain’ was the chant heard all day on Saturday.
Sunday came and the Sun shone. It was not the warmest (with the evil cold
wind), but never the less it was DRY! The second annual Skateboard Scotland
Sighthill jam kicked off at 1pm. There was a really good skater turnout but
not as big a crowd to watch this year (cause of the cold wind I think).

Burrows and Benson did a nice wee mini ramp demo for the crowd. Mark was
riding a cracked board (kickflip rock fakies are not good for your board) but
still managed to show everyone how Sighthill should be skated. Sunny, Jez and
crew were playing some nice beats.

We ran 3 different comps this year based
on the age groups that showed up and entered. 12 and under, 13-14 and 15+.
The standard of all the comps was high and the Judges (Mark Burrows, Mark
Golder and Sean Mccabe) had a tough job selecting the winners. The winners

12 and under:
1st – Damien Hoyland
2nd – Robbie Hamilton
3rd – Jamie Lindsay

1st – Kerr McLachlan
2nd – Ross Murray
3rd – Couros Hossoini

1st – Daniel Hoyland
2nd – Graeme Fleetham
3rd – Paul Clover

Hoyland senior collects his goodies

Well done to everyone that entered. All the prizes were donated by Focus,
Boardwise and Route 1. A big thankyou to all the sponsors as we could not
have run the comp without them. All the winners managed to get some good
stuff each and we still managed to have some stuff left over for the
product toss. We all witnessed the most easily won board toss ever. No
fighting for the board. The man caught it and was offski. Very civil.

to Mark Burrows, Benson and Colin Kennedy for showing up and showing the
local kids their skills. Our local bobby Neil Doig was down and checked out
the whole day’s proceedings. As usual we had no trouble from anyone and we
all had a great day. See you all next year!

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