Edinburgh Skatepark Update

Skateboard Scotland met with Russ Hall of the Edinburgh Skatepark Project
last week, so we have a little information to share about its progress.

Although it seems nothing much has happened with the project since the public
meeting held in November last year, we’ve been reliably informed that the wheels
have been turning (albeit very slowly and very quietly) in the background.

So what’s the current state of play?

The only significant problem currently facing the plans is a noise pollution
concern raised by one local resident. This has taken some time to address because
the architect in charge of the project (Clive Bowman) moved jobs, meaning a
replacement has had to be found.

There is some good news though.

The first bit is that the council are still committed to building the park
in Inverleith Park (but I think we already knew that).

The second bit is that Karen Clifford (who recently helped Dundee’s new outdoor
concrete park in Dudhope park get through the planning process) has been appointed
as the new architect and she’s come up with a solution to the noise problem.

The current plans are now being amended to include a raised bank at the north
end of the park to stop the noise travelling towards the nearest houses, which
will hopefully allow the plans through. According to Herbert Coutts (Director
of Culture and Leisure), this is expected to happen in October.

We wouldn’t recommend holding your breath, but you could keep some fingers
crossed. Russ has promised to keep us up to date and we’re keeping in contact
with the council. As soon as we hear any more, you’ll be the first to know.

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