Uphall Skatepark review

Words: Ali Menzies
Photos: Zee Yule

Uphall Skate park opened up about a month ago. Uphall is about a 7 minute drive from Livi or a 20 minute drive from Edinburgh. This is a nice wee park that makes good use of the available space for the park. Its on the main street so you will not really be able to miss it if you drive down the main street.

Currently it is right in that BMX/Mountain bike bandit stage of its existence. For those not in the know this is the period of a new skatepark’s life when every kid within a 15 mile radius brings their bike down to the park and trys to run into each other. This can be very amusing although can also be painful so be aware at this early stage. They will get bored shortly.

The park construction seems pretty good although I am slightly concerned at what seems to be a leak into the bottom of one of the bowled out corners (the one that Colin Taylor is landing his indys into). The other concern is that somehow the council managed to build this park right beside some houses. So not sure how the neighbours are reacting to the park.

When I was there one night there was some fruitbooter with his car/mobile disco blaring which brought the neighbours out. I suggest that you users of the park out there monitor your behaviour and that of others at the park if you are wanting to keep it. Be nice to the neighbours and you should be able to skate in peace.

Overall this is a nice wee park and well worth a skate. So get on down dodge the bikers and skate tough.

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