Welcome to the new and improved Skateboard Scotland website!

After a long process of transferring the fairly large amount of content from the old website into this new improved site we’re pleased to launch our new site!

Asides from the obvious visual differences the new site now has it’s own custom built publishing system which will allow multiple people to add News, Events and Article posts to the site themselves. Previously the site has been maintained by only one person which meant delays sometimes publishing new content and generally a lot more time and effort involved to update the site.

There’s still a few rough edges and we’re still migrating some of the much older content from the old site but most of it is there. One thing that we have dropped for the time being is the Park Directory as the contents of it were massively out of date, we plan on bringing an updated version integrating with Google Maps with the ability to search for parks within certain distances of your location.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new site, there should now be a more regular publishing schedule as more of the Skateboard Scotland committee get up to speed on using the new system.



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