Netherlands skatepark to be declared a monument (hopefully!)

An interesting bit of news from the Netherlands with a request to have the skatepark in Het Hulsbeek park declared a monument. More details in their Press release:

It may seem strange to have a skatepark declared a monument, but the outdoor skatepark in Het Hulsbeek in Oldenzaal (The Netherlands) is certainly worth being proclaimed a monument.
Because of the particular shape Het Hulsbeek is unique. This year the legendary skatepark will be celebrating its 30th birthday.

In the late 70’s the American ”sidewalk surfing’’ reached the Netherlands. The sport developed into a real craze, which was the reason why a skatepark was built in 1979 in Recreation park Het Hulsbeek. 
Ton Kurvers signed up for the design and got his inspiration from American skateboard magazines. Without knowing, he designed a course with a length and shape unique in the world. In particular the snakerun (a winded course) make the skatepark legendary.
Right after the opening the skatepark was visited by pioneers of skateboarding, who often came from afar to show their skills at the skatepark.
Still the skatepark is of great importance to the international skateboarding scene.
Every year the skateboard contest ”Oerend Hard” takes place at the skatepark.

The skatepark is pretty much the only preserved skatepark from the 70’s in Europe, which is still being used a lot. Therefore it is of great cultural and historical value.
The skatepark was designed as a part of recreation park Het Hulsbeek and is surrounded by trees, lawns and swimming lakes. This also makes the skatepark very special location wise.
In all the years the design of the park has not been altered.

Bram Waterman, President of Skateboard Federation Netherlands and vice-president of the European Skateboard Association, was the one to come up with the request to declare Het Hulsbeek a monument. The official request is ready and will be put in this week.

On Monday 9 March, Bram Waterman held a presentation in city hall in Oldenzaal to ask attention for the skatepark. The presentation was accompanied by “Oerend Hard” footage and was received very enthusiastically by the present officials, whom up to that point, were not aware of this so called ”hidden pearl”.

It’s worth noting though that Livingston Skatepark in Scotland has been around just as long, perhaps we should be looking to get it declared a national monument too? ;)

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Footage from Oerend Hard 2008

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