Interview with Scott Ramsay

Right Scott, introduce yourself, where are you from?

As it says in your question my name is Scott I’ve been skating for about 6 and a bit years. Stu you should know where I’m from being a KDY local yourself.

How come you’re so good?

What can I say you taught me well.

I mind when you first started appearing at kdy skatepark, the next day you’d come along and you’d nick everyones tricks!! What have you to say in your defence??

Well I did have to show Mr Stuart Hill how to do a boneless right as someone thought they were done with the back hand.

How old you now? Hear you holding down a fancy job, tell us about it??

I’m 18 years of age now. I’m currently employed by Babcock Design and Technology, which is based at Rosyth dockyard. I’m an apprentice draftsman, so will be designing ships and parts for ships once my time is up.

What got you into skating?

Can’t really remember, I played THPS before I really skated so probably that.

Right, youve won a magic skating ticket fae god/jah/buddah/allah, u can skate with any skater dead or alive at any spot in the world. What would it be?

Good question. It would have to be Greg Lutzka, not sure on the spot just anywhere he can blast his styling fs 360’s

Fav spot in Scotland?

Transition Extreme is off the chain but to be honest you can’t beat a local sesh.

Best spot you ever skated?

Cowdenbeath mini ramp with Eggy.

Whats the most funny experience you’ve had skateboarding?

I once knocked myself out trying a half-cab blunt and hung up coming back in that was pretty funny.

Is it not true a once bet u at a game of skate?

I do not recall that moment

What tunes get you hyped for skating?

Anything played fast in standard tuning with a lot of distortion and palm muting.

Fav skate section?

Ronnie Creager, Blind What If?

Best way to start your day?

A small breakfast all slapped on a roll from BLT’s cafe Mitchelson Industrial Estate KDY.

How many hats do you own?

I can count 15 off the top of my head but I’ve probs missed a few out. Still got three old DB hats.

If you were god, what would you do with the world?

Put transition and smooth tarmac everywhere.

If a was to raid ur fridge, what would a find?

Well I still live with the parents so my mum does the shopping so probably find anything with reduced salt and sugar.

Is it true you have a hot sister (or is that the other scott?)

That’s the other Scott and she is smokin’ hot.

Fav trick?

Switch bs 540 heelflip stalefish late shuvit… would be my answer if were asking my fave trick on THPS

What are you doing when your not skating? Any other pastimes, I hear you like to make paintings from pasta swirls?

When I’m not skating I’m usually working or getting hammered drunk in kittys.

What are your aims for 2009??

To land a damn bs sugarcane.

Last words & shout outs

Big shout out to all peeps still skating in Kdy, keep Scottish skating alive don’t do stupid things like move to Dublin. Only joking Stu baby you still have KDY running through your veins.

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