Interview with Jason J Thomson

Jason J Thomson is the artist who created the graphics for the Mark Burrows Skateboard Scotland deck. Skateboard Scotland managed to catch up with him for a quick chat about it.

Picture of the Mark Burrows deck graphicSo Jace, when Skateboard Scotland approached you about doing this board graphic, did you have anything in mind?

Yeh, it was originally an idea for a sculpture.

The Female fawn figure?

Yep, and the rabbits were because of Bunny, the thistles because of ‘The War’ and the skulls…cause they rock! That’s as deep as my thinking gets….

Will you make a sculpture?

Aye, I think I will now.

Has Mark seen the finished graphic?

Not the original but the scanned one.

And what does he think?

Aye, he loves it.

Sound. When you get one, are you going to skate it?

Hmm, Dae ken. I’ll see. I’m definitely going to put one on my wall though.

Me Too!

I do have a board I can skate, but I don’t just now because I have no balance right now.

Why’s that?

Because 18 months ago I was in a coma.

Yeh, that was pretty harsh. Do you want to tell us why?

Nae story really, I drunk myself into a coma and ended up with multi organ failure. When I came round a few months later, I had to teach myself to walk again.

I’ll never forget that man. I came and said goodbye to you.

Aye, I know. I still loose balance walking along walls and if i close my eyes and stand on one leg, I loose balance.

That is pretty scary. Are you alcohol free now?

Yep. 18 months free. Now I paint and draw instead of drink.

That is pretty amazing.

Ha ha, that’s what my Doctor said and most of my mates. It’s a shame I had to go through the coma bit before I realized what damage I was doing to myself.

Well, not everyone gets a wake-up call… 
So, how do you know Big Mark?

We went to school together. He was the year below me.

So a while then?

Aye, about 25 years. We skated together at the Drill Hall in Tranent.

The Drill Hall?

Aye, a wee hall that was used to store the ramps for the Scottish Skateboarding Association. We built a wee half pipe in there too. It was rubbish but good fun. Nobody ever came from Edinburgh. Folk came from the pans (Preston  Pans) Dalkeith and Gorebridge. After a while the ramps got a bit vandalized with graphitti . The SSA came and took them back for a comp at Meadowbank and they were not happy with all the cocks we had drawn, ha ha…

Are you looking forward to seeing you artwork on a board?

Aye, it’s a buzz… Mark is looking forward to it too.

Well it’s all in the hands of Third Foot the now. We should have some by next week. Would you consider doing another graphic in the future?

Probably, not too up on my Scottish skaters at the moment, but I guess I could get a heads up from Mark…

Well Jace, thanks for the graphic and thanks for taking the time to chat to us about it. It is an awesome graphic and we are well chuffed with it. You are a talented man and we at SS wish you all the best in your recovery.



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