2009 Vans Grandprix of Skateboarding Rotterdam

Report from this year’s Grandprix of Skateboarding in Rotterdam:

Tim Zom wins the 2009 Grandprix of Skateboarding and takes home $10.000 for his efforts. 

He is also the winner of the Best Trick which he nailed in the final seconds of the session. Photographer Jonathan Mehring places first in the Photocontest.

Rotterdam proofed to become the skateboardcapitol of Northern Europe, not only with the Grand Prix of Skateboarding but also with the the possibilty to skateboard the city. As with the past two editions of the WSR, this years Grandprix of Skateboarding also hosted the famous Photocontest. Photographers went all over Rotterdam metroplitan area with groups of their favorite skateboarders in search of the perfect photo. Jonathan Mehring wins the Photocontest this year with an amazing composition of wood, water and skateboarding. During the event the pictures were exhibited on a ship right next to the Erasmus Bridge and only the photographers were allowed to vote for the best picture with support from guest judges Brian Gaberman and Jason Rothmeyer. Congratulations to Jonathan Mehring, who got first, Marcel Veldman for second place and Eric Antoine for the third place.

Saturday started with a little bit of a lot of rain, but the sun came out on the afternoon and made the street course filled with skateboarders from over 22 nations: David Gonzalez from Columbia and his Flip mates Ben Norberg, Curren Caples and Axel Cruisbergh. Amongst the celebrities were also Kenny Anderson from California, Jake Johnson and Dylan Rieder. The Emerica. team stopped by with Jerry Hsu, Aaron Suski and Collin Provost. Soon to be pro ams like Chima Ferguson from Australia, Max Kruglov from Russia and Dylan Perry from Tampa Florida were ripping the course like they didn’t party the day before. The contest was hosted by the Spotlight Production with Brian Schaefer and Vern Laird on the mics and guest star judges Kenny Hughes.

The street course build by IOU-Ramps was well respected but mother nature received the most respect this weekend. A three different level containing streetcourse included ledges, stairs, rails and a marble ledge, not to forget the huge wembley with a ledge to bank. Each skateboarder got three rides down and then a jam session of six minutes in heats of six. Tim Zom was not only crowd’s favourite, he ruled the course from the first minute like it was just build for him and also qualified first on Saturday.

Results are also available at: http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/spot/results_byevent.aspx?EventID=484

The night continued in the WATT with a video premier and and the Fluff release party until the morning hours.

Sunday was the day with the semi’s and the finals for 26 qualified skateboarders. 10 made the cut to the finals and they teamed up with the two golden ‘straight to the finals’ tickets winners from Saturday: Curren Caples and Tim Zom.

The finals started under a blue sky and twelve skateboarders did the best they can and made the crowd scream. Tim Zom was not only crowd’s favourite, but also the judges placed him first. Bastien Salabanzi, who won the first WSR in Rotterdam 2005, became second again and on the thirs place was Rob Maatman from the Netherlands. This all proves that Rotterdam is here to stay as a solid city for skateboarding. A full tricklist can be viewed at: http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/spot/results_byevent.aspx?EventID=485

Thanks to the city of Rotterdam for this wonderful weekend! Thanks to Vans for the support. Thanks to Flip for bring the team over! The biggest Thanks goes to Marco Jongeneel for making the Grand Prix of Skateboarding 2009 happened and his crew for perfect organisation, Merel and Marjolein for fulfilling every wish, Bart Boot, the whole bink crew for getting everything up and down, the wonderful catering ladies for excellent food all day long. Thanks to Schuetzi from IOU-Ramps for a fantastic streetcourse, radar Berlin for the long breathe in making this event complete and the Spotlight Production Crew for hosting: Thanks Rob for being the fastest on the computer, thanks DJ Wade for the wonderful music, Jason Rothmeyer, Kenny Hughes and Matthieu Tourneur for judging thanks to Vern Laird and Brian Schaefer, we miss your voice already. Spotlight will be in Amsterdam hosting AmsterDamn AM next week (July 24th – 26th). More info www.skateparkoftampa.com

Join us on Facebook to see all pictures, view www.rotterdamgrandprix.nl or check www.skateparkoftampa.com for more updates!

Street Finals Results

1. Tim Zom – Ben G, The Hundreds Hometown, NikeSB: Rotterdam, Netherlands

2. Bastien Salabanzi – Jart, Rusty Hometown: Colombes, France

3. Rob Maatman – Emerica Europe, Zero Europe, Thunder, Spitfire, Burnside, Hometown: Deventer, Netherlands

4. David Gonzalez – Flip, Volcom, Globe, Mob, Ricta Hometown: Columbia

5. Neil Smith – Nike SB, Carhartt, Blueprint Skateboards Hometown: London, UK

6. Tomas Vintr – Vans, Vehicle, Crème, Indy, Ricta, Nike, Flip Skate Shop Hometown: Prague, CZ

7. Ricardo Paterno – eS, Matix, Expedition, Spitfire, Thunder, FKD, Left Skate Shop Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands

8. Peter Molek – Volcom Europe, Zero, Dekline Footwear, Independent Trucks Hometown: Zvolen Slovakia

9. Adrien Bulard – Bud Skateshop.com, Autobahn Wheels, Nike SB, Quiksilver, Metropolitain Boards Hometown: Rouen, France

10. Curren Caples – Flip, Indy, Bones, Hurley, Vans Hometown:

11. Dylan Perry – Alien Workshop, Skatepark of Tampa, etnies, Dakine, Bones, Destructo, Altamont Hometown: Tampa,

12. Collin Provost – Element, Emerica Hometown: Huntington Beach, USA

Best Trick Results

1. Tim Zom – Ben G, The Hundreds, Nike SB

Trick: Backside noseblunt slide on the big rail into bank

2. Korahn Gayle – Blind Europe, 50-50, Skull Candy, Nike SB

Trick: Switch backside 360 the big gap into bank

3. Alain Saavedra

Trick: Frontside flip over the hubba to flat,

4. Douwe Macare – etnies, Burnside Skateshop, Eternal skateboards, C&B underwear

Trick :Switch flip to flat off the bump

5. Naverton Casella – FTS, Media Arts

Trick: Nollie heelflip noseslide on the big rail into bank


1.   Jonathan Mehring (feat. Kenny Anderson, Jake Johnson and Dylan Rieder)

2.   Marcel Veldman (feat. Wieger van Wageningen and Tim Zom)

3.   Eric Antoine (feat. Rob Maatman, Phil Zwijssen and Rachid Addou)


More street results

13. Phil Zwijsen – Carhartt, Vans, Element, Eastpak, Lockwood Skate Shop Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium

14. John Koetzier – Chocolate, Vans, Jessup, Super Fat Skate Shop Hometown: Amersfort, Netherlands

15. Nelson Mosikili – Ben G, Etnies, Crail, Wolf & Pack Hometown: Amsterdam Netherlands

16. Fries Taillieu – Analog, Gravis, Alien Workshop, Zumiez Hometown: Lauwe Belgium

17. Korahn Gayle – Blind Europe, 50-50, Skull Candy, Nike SB Hometown: Bristol, England

18. Max Kruglov – Nike SB Hometown: Russia

19. Alex Mizurov – Plan B, Osiris, Dragon, Nixon, Silver, FKD, Oakley, T Mobile, Ogio Hometown:

20. Chris Oliver – Blind, Vans, Billabong, Ricta, Venture, Oakley Hometown: London

21. Simo Makela – Volcom Europe, Nike SB Finland, enjoi Hometown: Finland

22. Dan Wileman – Globe, Crown, Skull Candy, Venture, Hubba, 50-50 Skate Shop Hometown: Bristol, England

23. Naverton Casella – FTS, Media Arts Hometown: Brazil

24. Jake Johnson – Alien Workshop, Quiksilver, Gravis, Autumn Skate Shop Hometown: State College, PA

Full results available at www.skateparkoftampa.com

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