Wakefield Concrete Carnival

Skateboard Scotland took Rory (AKA Carlos) down to the Concrete carnival at the weekend. If you have not already been to Wakefield’s park then I suggest that the next time you are anywhere near Wakefield you drop into Thornes park for a session. Have a look in the latest edition of Sidewalk for detailed pictures of the park. Me and Rory skated it for a few hours on the Saturday (when it was pretty quite) and had a great time. The Concrete Carnival on the Sunday had a really good turnout from all the English pros. The skating was off the hook. Check out the footage from geggsy on the sidewalk site. Unfortunately only one other car load of Scots showed up and they where heading South so I had to fork out 82 quid for a train back to Scotland. I will know to book all my trains in advance in the future.



The winners

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