Manny Mania Edinburgh results

After the battle for the free Etnies, Mania Mania went off in Edinburgh. A fun time was had by all at the event. Here are the results:


1st Keith Allan (Aberdeen) 300 quid

2nd Daniel Nichols (Edinburgh/Bristo) 200 quid

3rd Will Greenfield 150 quid

4th Dan ‘DVS’ Main 50 quid

5th Tom Shimmon

6th Paul Silvester

7th Pete Copeland

8th Chris Vile


Highlights for me were Keith Allan and Daniel Nichols’s finals performance. To say that these guys went off is about the understatement of the year. Keith was pulling all sorts of crazy combos. He made a manual impossible out, manual back lip kickflip out and a manual back lip front shuv out. And that was just some of the stuff that he made. The most tech trick of the day was Daniel’s kickflip  manual 360 flip out. A fine effort from the Edinburgh Local. The top 4 contestants make it down to the finals in London. We will all be cheering for Keith and Daniel.

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Check out the photos courtesy of Zeefoto


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