Kirkintilloch Skatepark Update

We had had a further update from the KSI. Here it is:

‘We are nearly there with
the skatepark but the weather is playing havoc with bringing in the final loads
of concrete and when we do get a load in it takes ages to go off and


That is why we have been keeping quiet.. We don’t want people
coming on to the concrete before it is properly hard – it often looks hard but
it’s not ready to skate.  It’s quite difficult to tell


The park is complete except for the floor slabs which, if we are
lucky and the weather is not too bad, will be poured this week.  If we get all
the concrete into the park this week then we can’t open it for skating until the
following weekend – i.e. the 16th Nov.  If we have to wait to finish pouring
concrete until next week then it may be the following weekend before it is


It has taken so long to get this skatepark and I know that there
are lots of people just waiting out there but please, if you could let everyone
know that another couple of weeks isn’t that long to wait.  If we have to rework
any bits it will take even longer!’

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