Steve Cab photos from way back

Russ was cruising the Internet and found these nice pics of Cab from 1982 at Livi. Here is the wee exert from Cab’s blog about the 3D pic:

This image was originally taken by Chris Egger’s from Germany. Mike McGill and I
were trainers at the Swedish summer camp in 1982 and on our way home, we visited
Livingston skate park in Livingston, Scotland. This was our first trip to Europe.
Dee and Ian Urquhart (RIP) organized a demo at the park with more than 3000
spectators in attendance. This D simulation of Chris’s original photo was
created by a Brazilian skater named Eduardo.


Get your 3D specs on and check out a very fresh looking Livi and a Young Cab.

Steve Cab backside air scotland 1982

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