Livi’s 30th Anniversary Jam

The weather was nice for a change. A good start. 2010 is the 30th Anniversary of Livingston Skatepark. That is a long time to be around. The English turn out was very poor this year. There were actually more English Girl Skaters at the event then Male. Well done however to Felix,  Doddy and the Vans girl team who represented England well. There was a good turnout from all over Scotland with about 6 tent loads of folk risking the camping which this year seemed to involve not hassle from the Police or more importantly the neds. Even the whole Skateboard Scotland board managed to all get to the event (although there were no more then three of us at the park at any one time).

This year was a very mellow event organised and MC’d by Perry (Kruger the man with the elusive edit). Big props to him for getting his finger out and organising every thing. Kenny Omond was proud and stoked that he did not have to get it organised for the 30th time. Well done to Benson for winning the Livi Ball. Though it was very close with Colin Killing it all day. 


Check out the footage courtesy of Zandar:


Livi 30th from Zander on Vimeo.


All the Photies are courtesy of Zeefoto


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