Nokia Push N8 Competition

This is really last minute but Nokia are running a competition which budding filmmakers might want to fire something up for. Update: The deadline is now October 22nd, an extra week but you’ll still need to get moving!

Nokia Push is kind of a hardware hack experiment hooking up experimental gadgets to kites and skateboards, check the promo video below for a little taste:

Here’s some information Nokia sent over:

The essence of Push N8 is for creatives to show the world what’s possible with one of our limited edition Push N8 prototypes. Push began in September 2009 by asking hackers and modders what they could dream to do with the Nokia N900. Now two of the winning hacks have been developed into a limited run of working prototypes designed to work with the Nokia N8. 

Both prototypes, PUSH KAPing and PUSH Skating, push the device and their respective activities way beyond convention.

We have four of each prototype to give away, along with N8 devices and $1000, to those who submit the most inspiring and creative ideas.

The prototype most relevant to your work is Push Skating, which literally takes the world of skate games away from the games console and back to the streets by allowing skaters’ boards to communicate with their N8 to score every single move they make.

You’ve seen the film we created for Push Skating, but it just scratches the surface of what can be done. And that’s where you come in. The first stage of Push was about hacking, but this stage is all about creativity — we’re after the inspiring and creative ideas that really push the imagination, whilst continuing the story from Push N900 through to Push N8, and ultimately showcasing the ingenuity of the Push KAPing or Push Skating prototypes and the N8.

I hope this helps you, and you’ll consider submitting your ideas! Please do spread the word about this to any skaters/filmmakers you know too. It’s a fantastic opportunity. The deadline for submissions is now 22nd October 2010. 

So, if you want to get your hands on one of these prototype gadgets then get going and enter something!!!

You can follow Nokia Push on Twitter and Facebook too.

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