The Official UKSA UK champs write up

Last weekend saw Corby’s Adrenaline Alley once again play host to
the UKSA Championships, which is now in its third year, inviting over 100 of the
UK’s finest skaters who battled it out to win a share of the £10,000 prize

Competitors travelled from all over the nation to take part in
the largest annual UK Competition which showcased the very best of both Street
and Vert skating with hundreds of spectators braving the rain and cold to
witness skating at the very highest standard. 

competition kicked off with the street qualifiers on Saturday with the 80
entrants whittled down to the final 20 who progressed to the semi’s to be held
on the Sunday, the day was rounded off by the Maverick Bowl Jam which was
carnage as usual. Evening entertainment was in the form of a rather lively party
at Corby Rugby Club which went on well into the early hours.  Sunday began
bright and early with the Rubicon girls jam which featured some solid
performances from all the competitors and a worthy victory by Helena Long. Then
the final 20 took to the street course to try to make it to the top 10 cut.
While the scores were being tallied everybody moved into the custom built
extension on the park which houses the massive 14ft Vert Ramp. The Vert skaters
put on an impressive display, throwing out runs that utillised the full width of
the ramp featuring back to back 540’s, inverts and massive airs for the
assembled crowds.  In the end, Sam Beckett took first with Andy Scott taking
second after an amazing display of the incredible level that UK Vert Skating is
at in 2010. 

crowds returned to the street course for the final which pitted the top 10
skaters in the country against each other to take a shot at claiming the prize
money on offer. The level of skating was unbelievable with all of the riders
impressing with their lines and amazing consistency. After an incredibly close
decision, the judges concluded that there were only 5 points between the first
and second which is a testament to the standard of the skating that went down.
Ross McGouran, last years champion, managed to hold onto his title for a second
year taking home £2500 for his efforts while Harry Lintell came in second followed
by Ireland’s Keith Walsh in third.  After the Mob Grip Best Trick comp the
weekend drew to a close with prize giving and the customary product

huge thankyou to all of the sponsors that made this weekend possible and thus
supported UK skateboarding: Vans, Monster, WESC, Flip, Mob Grip, New Era, Skull
Candy, Shiner, Spitfire, Real, Protec, Independent, Buddz, Sport England,
Skateboard Scotland, Maverick, The Alley, Sidewalk Mag, and Empire skate



Will Golding £200

Barber £100

Dennis Lynn £100

Caradog £100


1 Ross
2 Harry Lintell
3 Keith Walsh
4 Josh Young
5 Chris Oliver
6 Korahn Gayle
7 Will Golding
8 Isaac Miller
9 Caradog
10 Conhuir Lynn

11 Eddie Belvedere

12 Nick Remon

13 Alex Barton

14 Barber

15 Jake Collins

16 Mikey Patrick

17 Sam Pulley

18 Trevor Johnson

19 Jack Edwards

20 Alex Lally

21 Rob Smith

22 Rowan Murray

23 Ollie Beeby

24 Radman

25 Ant Smith

26 Dan McDermott

27 Rupert Antoine

28 Sam Mould

29 Alex Decunha

30 Martin McGuire

31 Dean Robertson

32 Kris Vile

33 Daryl Dominguez

34 Craig Smedley

35 Jason Cloete

36 Ben Rowles

37 Cory Lawson

38 Steve King

39 Colin Adam

40 Nev

41 Awadh Mohammed

42 Daniel Hill

43 James

44 Mark Wilson

45 Greg Nowik

46 Ryan Cotton

47 Dave Chesson

48 Martyn Hill

49 Lucas Bramall

50 Tom Bailey

51 Dennis Lynn

52 Tom Day

53 Kyle Howells

54 Ellis Brookes

55 Reece Douglas

56 Nick Roberts

57 Ben Nordberg

58 Arbel Samsonov

59 Amir Williams

60 Kelly Dawson

61 Aaron Revell

62 Matt Clarke


1 Sam Beckett
2 Andy Scott
3 Jussi Korhonnen
4 Jake
5 Alex Halford
6 Pete King
7 Sean Goff
8 Oakley Lidell
9 Mike Edwards
10 Joe Atkins
11 Jim Langram
12 Zak Kutz
13 James
14 Colin Adam


1 Helena Long
2 Lucy Adams
3 Lois Pendlebury
4 Claire
5 Danny Meloor
6 Sam Bruce
7 Ellie Ford
8 Emily Russel
9 Georgie Winter
10 Lauren
11 Ashley Marsh

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