Old photos from the Church

Russ sent us over some photos from the Angel Lights Planetary Skatepark. The park was situated in an old church in anniesland, Glasgow. It was one of the best indoor parks Scotland has had and to this day we need more like it especially the vert element. Hopefully Russ will have more of this soon.

Cubic front smith

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  1. Remember helping to strip the vert ramp and moving it to the Kelvin hall for a big euro contest .the vert ramp in the church was only half of the ramp the rest was stored in the hall.

    1. Hi Dougal, thanks for the comment, I’ve removed the line you highlighted from this post as it’s a bit inappropriate / irrelevant. (I didn’t actually write this post originally, I’m not sure who did, it shows my name as the author but a lot of content has me as the author as a result of migrating content from our old website to this one).

  2. I remember 2 lads from the Church who skated my park in Canads in 89/90. They went on to Cali and lived with Reese Simpson and Bruno Herzog

  3. Was only a wee grommit back then but heard the hype about that old church? couldn’t get there to watch though,but watched and was inspired by cubic n the two russes at Livingston,ahm 45 now and still rolling when ah can down south these days! Anyways all the best to the Scottish riders out there… Aitchie fi Bo’ness… 😊

  4. I spent my 5th year of secondary skating here in yen 80’s… loved it.

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