Supra team demo gets a write up in the news

STV did a wee article on what I reckon is the best demo that I have seem for a long time. Here it is:

Supra kick off their European tour at Saughton Skate Park

Legendary skaters, including Chad Muska and Lizard King, ride into the capital

Skaters from across Scotland braved the elements to watch some of the biggest names in skateboarding ride at Saughton Skate Park.

Supra kicked off their 2011 European Tour yesterday, bringing Terry Kennedy, Lizard King, Chad Muska, Stevie Williams, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Matt Mumford, Tom Penny, Furby, Spencer Hamilton, Keelan Dadd, and Boo Johnson to Edinburgh.

Despite being postponed for a few hours due to heavy rainfall, once the skies cleared the crowd at Saughton was treated to a demo unlike any other in recent history.

Rab Milne, employee at Focus Skate Shop, said: “There hasn’t really been a demo this big since the 1980s.

“These are all people that we have grown up wanting to see.

“This is a big deal for Scotland as there are hardly any demos in Scotland. A lot of them get rained off.”

Many Scottish skaters credit Saughton Skate Park as the reason why more and more companies are including Edinburgh in their tours.

Rab said: “I’ve been to a lot of parks around the UK and I think this park is one of the best in the UK right now.

“No one ever came up before to skate. I reckon they came because they heard a lot about Saughton Skate Park and there is something for everyone to skate.”

Chris Johnson from Sidewalk Magazine echoed the sentiment: “I’ve been on a few tours that have gone through Edinburgh, and it is only since the skate park opened that everyone’s now motivated to go to Scotland.”

Manu Palacios, European Skate Marketing Manager for Supra, explained the company’s thinking behind the decision to start the tour in Scotland.

He said: “I was in Edinburgh before and it is an original culture here with a lot of skating.

“I know most of the other brands don’t really hit up north and we decided to start the here because there are some legendary skaters on tour and we really wanted to be here and hang out with the kids and enjoy.”

Dennis Martin, Global Skate Marketing Director, echoed the sentiment: “Usually when you skate somewhere were people don’t usually go kids are more excited so it’s better to go there.

“If you go some place that is used to demos a lot of times the kids don’t care and it’s not as fun for the pros either.”

There was no lack of commitment, with some Scottish skaters travelling from other cities to attend the demo.

Duane Stuart, 22, Scott Anderson, 22, and Gav Stewart, 22, all came from Aberdeen to skate and see the pros.

Duane said: “It’s really good that they have come over.”

Scott agreed: “It’s a good atmosphere, good fun.”

Along with skating, the pros took advantage of the visit to take in some of the sights.

LA skater Lizard King said: “I got to go take a castle tour. I really liked it. They call me Lizard King – I should own a castle.”

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