The UK Mini Ramp Champs 2011

Skateboard Scotland organised a minibus down to the UK Mini ramp championships. The event went down at the Xsite Skatepark in Skegness as usual. Bar from three folk that decided to bump Ali for their bus fare the weekend was sick and everyone enjoyed themselves. The scots skated well. Unfortunately Paris just missed the cut to progress to the 6 man final of the sponsored riders.  Martin Macguire however won the best trick on the flat bank which had been added as an extra obstacle from the year before. The standard of the younger riders was through the roof.  Results for the sponsored riders were as follows:

1st Jake Collins

2nd Chris Oliver

3rd Sam Pulley

4th Greg Nowick

5th Josh Young

6th Ryan Hurt

Check out the footage for the carnage that went down.


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More Skateboarding Videos

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