EK Jingle Jam

Skateboard Scotland came along and ran the EK Jingle Jam this year. It was not the biggest turnout butconsidering it was a saturday night in some pretty dismal weather it was a pretty good turnout.  There weren’t that many young kids the park on the night so the Bseries Park and street were run as one run covers all. Will the series A for Park and Street were split into a few heats each. It was a fun night. Highlights for me were Dougie’s backflip attempts, Colin Adm’s destruction of the park area as well as Andy White’s amazing style. Other points to note was Shuggie getting into the street final for his ability to land a large selection of tricks and Freddie trying to kill himself by Olling over the fence into the foam pit area. Madness all round. Judging the finals was not easy and Neil And Sean did a good job to come up with the results. Here they are:


Series B

1st Leif Coffield

2nd Cormack McCarthy

3rd Lewis McPharlan


Series A Street

1st Andy White

2nd Declan Welsby

3rd Martin Mcguire


Series A Park

1st Colin Adam

2nd Martin Mcguire

3rd Tam Laughton

Best Trick Sean Willis Again!!


Sean Willis...

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