Inverness Ramp Jam Report

Chris from Creative Store sent us this report from their event in Inverness. Enjoy:

“The Inverness ramp jam finally got under way for the 4th time in as many years after being cancelled earlier in the year from silly misty rain.

Despite the now low budget jam compared to pervious years the local crowd still turn up and repped hard. The Elgin and Tain boys also made the effort to turn up for what was a 25 degree heat, no clouds and a ramp that could easily cook an egg!

This year also saw the addition of a 2ft tombstone on the 6ft ramp.

The under 16’s this year was impressive. With most, if not all riding the 6ft ramp and a very healthy turn out.

Over 16’s, the usual characters were in attendance with young Liam Macintrye moving up the ranks from under 16 and hoping to defend his honour from winning that category last year.

The Best trick jams were insane, and the tombstone was put to good use. For the over 16’s it came down to two men, John MacLean and Andrew McPherson aka young aka Viking young aka the man with the dreadlocks.
John MacLean pinched it from Young with a frontside flip to front tail on the tombstone. Which has to be said is the most bizarre looking flip you will ever see! Young through down a Nose pick in the dying seconds, but it was the crowd that decided that John Maclean would go away with the prize for Best trick.

Meanwhile the kids ripped. Noticeable young Arian Mackenzie and Aaron Jolly from Beauly. Aaron clinched the prize in the end despite best efforts from 11 year old Arian and his high variation of blunts, including wrap around and 1 footers to fakie.

Under 16 final was intense and gave the judges a bit of a headache. Constancy was key. So much went down from the little rippers I can barely remember. Warren killingback stepped up his level and through down some very smooth runs. Aaron and Arian battled it out with large frontside and backside airs back to back and long frontails to fakie firmly cementing both in the top 3.

The over 16’s was looking so crazy we actually brought in 6 judges. This still gave headaches and result in a 15 min discussion (or argument if you like).
The final consisted of 4 men, Liam Macintrye had made it through the heats, Elgin boys John and Young were also there along with long time Forres lad David Crockett. David had a heavy blow to the head within the first few minutes, but was a trooper and despite being all floppy made his runs count to the end.
Liam had proper man steize on the go, with some very relaxed looking runs and a large bag of tricks. John and Young battled between themselves, with young using every part of the ramp, even the side.

The end results were:

Under 16:
1st Aaron Jolly (15)
2nd Warren Kellienbeck (15)
3rd Arian Mackenzie (11)

Over 16:
1st John MacLean (Elgin)
2nd Liam Macintrye (Inverness)
3rd Andrew McPherson aka Young (Elgin)

Under 16 best trick: Aaron Jolly
Over 16 best trick: John MacLean

Thanks to Creative Skate Store, Santa Cruz, Blind, Cliché, Enjoy, Girl, Lakai, Royal and chocolate for supporting the event in its almost guaranteed last year!

The Event was run by Highland Skate Parks Association in partnership with Creative Skate Store. ”


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