War of the Thistles 2013 Report

Better late than never, here’s a wee report on this years War of the Thistles weekend! Big props to all of the sponsors which supported/helped make this event what is was this year:

  • Skateboard Scotland
  • Monster
  • Bawbags
  • Entropy
  • Concreate
  • Skull Candy
  • Heathen
  • Unabomber
  • Indy
  • Anti-hero
  • Bones
  • Sidewalk
  • A third Foot
  • Death
  • Oakley
  • Lucky Edge
  • Nise Skateboards
  • Vans
  • Transition Extreme
  • The Space

Skateboard Scotland once again organised Scottish Skateboarding’s biggest event of the year for the May Day bank holiday.

Day 1

For the first time North Berwick’s ‘The Space’ skatepark was used for the first leg. Your friendly Scottish Skatepark builder Concreate kindly created some lovely concrete just in time for the event. All the skaters loved the newly kitted out back hall. This is where the bulk of the session took place. We did however run un-sponsored and sponsored sessions in the first hall to start the day off gently. The unsponsored kids were keen to try and win some of the product that was up for grabs. Ali Bongo stepped up with some nice boneless action. Kids were flying everywhere and all came away with their pockets bulging with product.

With quite a few of the UK pros being away at other events in Europe there was not as big a turnout as usual. This meant that the Scots and Welsh in attendance had the new section of the park pretty much to themselves. Welsh Socks, Chav Dan and Sam Pulley were all in attendance and skating well. The Street section went off with Paris pulling off the gnarly axel stall pull back on the back wall. He took some real good slams getting the trick but stuck it well in the end. He also did not fail to disappoint during the vert session where the competition for the day was tied up with Paris taking the glory on the first day. This was rather fortunate as he had neglected to bring the trophy back from the year before. He must of know he was going to win again.

Day 2

Aberdeen’s Transition Extreme Skatepark was once again the host for the last leg of the Thistles and it did not fail to disappoint as usual. The local groms were going for broke to try and win as much product as possible. Once all of the product was passed out to the kids the Sponsored street kicked off with the handrail getting destroyed. Next up was the Half pipe where the competition hotted up with the battle of the Socks (Scottish and Welsh). The Adams brothers were killing it along with Chav Dan and Sam Pulley. A good session was had and everyone was ready for the final jam in the bowl. Rauri was his usual consistent self, winning some cash for his efforts. Div could barely walk but still managed to make massive ollies at about head height. Martin was on the mosher technique as usual and keeping the judges amused, Colin Adam had some amazing runs and shut down the comp with a reverse the herse. He earned 150 quid and the second half of the sword for his troubles. Well done Colin.

Sorry again for the delay in getting this write up out there. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming about next year’s event which should be happening earlier in the year to avoid clashes with other events.

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