Skateboard Scotland organised the second annual Scottish Mini ramp championships on the 4th of October at Transition Extreme in Aberdeen. The turn-out was better than the year before with people travelling from most parts of Scotland to attend. Adam Paris even managed to get a bus completely the wrong way around Edinburgh to attend the event. However it was worth the wait as he managed to beat everyone hands down. Paris’s ability to hang on to every trick that he pulled out of his hat on the day was amazing. Magic carpet ride indeed.

Kieran Menzies came in second place via all manner of massive ollies over the hips. He managed to clinch second place which meant that most of the product brought for prizes ended up going back in the same car it came up in. Arron Jolly surprised the judges as he hadn’t entered many events in the past and sort of came out of nowhere. He had quite a few rad technical tricks going on and helped him into third place.

Baillie and Tom Simpson both also put great show although as they weren’t as consistent as the top three they ended up placing 4th and 5th. They did however make some rad tricks with our favourite being Tom’s frontside nose grind over the love seat.

Hopefully the UK guys will manage to set up a date for the UK Mini ramp champs and Skateboard Scotland will give the top three riders a lift to the event.

See you all next year.

1st Adam Paris
2nd Kieran Menzies
3rd Arron Jolly
4th Baillie
5th Tom Simpson

Photos below by ZEEFOTO 2014

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