Skateboard Scotland have been running the War of the Thistles for 10 years!!! WOTT? I hear you say!

Pretty unbelievable we all agree. It doesn’t seem like 10 years since the first War between Dumbarton’s Unit and Dundee’s factory in 2006! The event has been fun every year and continues to be. So as long as Skateboard Scotland can raise the sponsorship money the event will be running and going from strength to strength.

This year the venues were the favourite WOTT venue of Transition Skatepark in Aberdeen on Saturday 21st and then the WOTT virgin Kaos Skatepark in East Kilbride on Sunday 22nd. These are currently the two best indoor parks for skating in Scotland so it made sense. The new concrete at Kaos had to be included in for the event! RIP The Space though!

The 10th Anniversary was brought to you with the kind support of the bunch of sponsors. Without these guys the event would not happen so mad props to them and go and show them support!

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A special vote of thinks needs to go to Death Skateboards and Skateboard Scotland who have both supported the event from day 1. Big up Nick Zorlac and everyone at Skateboard Scotland who give up their time to organise and run this event!

People travelled from all over the country to able the event at the earlier time of March. The dates were moved back to give us British skaters something to do in the cold months and also to avoid clashes with other events which have plagued the WOTT event in the past over the May Bank holiday weekend. I think that Eddie Belvedere was the furthest traveller who made it all the way from Cornwall! Good to see you at the event again fella!

Day 1 A’deen

Transition had just had a complete revamp and was looking sweet for the event. We kicked off with a street Jam where the well-travelled Eddie tried to make some of his petrol money back. He did well and got tech on the rail and ledge set up. The new street set up got sessioned until people started to eject themselves out the far end of the park onto the large sub box. Joe Coleman suggested that we should try and have a best trick over the newly created gap. This was a rad session and Andy White did not disappoint with his backside flip over it to claim the 40 quid at stake. Mini ramp and bowl jams were also both had and due to Adam Paris’s magic carpet ride ability he once again took one day of the thistles trophy home and an extra 150 quid for his back pocket.

Day 2 Kaos at EK

Everyone was hyped on the first skate event at Kaos to use the whole park. What better way to Christen it but with WOTT! If you have not skated this place yet I would get on it! It is gnarly. Highlights from Day 2 were definitely the big wall session and the pool section has this is where the skateboarding properly went off. Alex Halford skated rad across all the different parts of the park and finished up the winner of the second part of the sword. If you want to check out the various tricks went down you should have been there! Failing that check out the Sidewalk video below. See you all next year!!!

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    1. Oh thanks, we were actually at last years, at transition, Gwyn met a boy skateboarding outside my sisters wedding who told him about it so we went by on way home. He didn’t compete tho, but maybe will this year, but thanks we can be more prepared this year…wait a minute, next year…we went this year…i better shut up and look properly at the link 😁

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