Skateboard Scotland ran the annual Scottish Street Championships at Zone 74 in East Kilbride on the 3rd of December. Turnout was pretty good with some riders coming from Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and as far as England to compete for the Scottish Street Champion title. There were 25 16 and under and 30 over 16 entrants to the competitions and the standard of skating was really high in both groups.

In the 16 and Under group there were 6 riders in the Final. Anton did not skate as well as the year before when he won. Matthew came all the way from Aberdeen with the loosest trucks in town and made some nice big ollies over the fun box among other tricks. Tom K was up from down South and was a consistent wee ripper grinding lots of the hubbas and ledges around the park. Lachlan stepped up to the plate after his twin brother Geordie tweaked his ankle in the final. His backside 360 mellie into the street area was certainly a highlight for me but he made most of his other tricks too and well earned himself a big box of swag from the sponsors. Full results as follows:

16 and Under Results

  1. Lachlan Shaw
  2. Tom K
  3. Matthew Wood
  4. Anton Lyntor
  5. Geordie Shaw
  6. Louis Morton

If you thought that the under 16’s were good you should have seen the over 16’s! The 6 qualifying heats were great to watch and it was hard to get a top 6 for the final. So we ended up with a top 8 for the final instead. The final was sick and the judges had a hard time deciding on the positioning. Ross Zajac hit the big rail with a crook and back 50 50 among various other tricks earning him the 3rd spot. Blair McAfferty representing the older school crew smashed it with a bunch of nice transfers over the hip and an amazing front blunt big spin out on the flat bar. Finally David Rice stepped up and made a bunch of technical tricks look real easy. 360 flip, Backside flip and double 360 flip over the picnic bench you say? Plus a load of other rad tricks around the rest of the park.  Full results as follows:

Over 16 Results

  1. David Rice
  2. Blair McCafferty
  3. Ross Zajac
  4. Baillie
  5. Scottish Ben
  6. Gary Winton
  7. Sebastian Bialka
  8. Scott Cleland

The top 3 ended up with a bunch of Scottish, Focus and Clan pounds for their troubles and they were stoked. Skateboard Scotland also awarded a fresh board to Amy who was the only girl who entered the competition. She skated really well making both a kickflip and backside flip on the big bank. Rad Skating Amy!

Last but not least we ran the Best trick over the picnic bench which has a real fun session. Various Clan pounds and Scottish pounds were dished out to the competitors. Stand outs trick wise were Laing’s switch flip, David Rice’s double 360 flip, Scott’s frontside flip and Sebastian’s Hardflip revert. However Ross Zajac cleared up with a lovely nollie heelflip.

We must say a big thankyou to the sponsors for enabling this event to be as rad as it was. Skateboard Scotland and Pyramid who both fronted cash, Focus and Clan who provided a whole bunch of prizes and vouchers for their shops, Fundamental and Concreate who provided some product and Edinburgh Local and Dopezine who provided some product and assistance/photos on the day and also to Zone74 Skatepark for hosting the event. Great times! See you next year.


Thanks to Scott McMillan for the photos.

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