This is the first in a wee series looking at people doing great things in the Scottish skateboard scene, and what better way to start than with the inimitable re:ply Skateboards.

Scroll down to check out all of the amazing work they’ve done over the last 5 years and what they’ve got planned next, with a short video from Iron Giraffe.

re:ply Bio

re:ply was established in the East End of Glasgow by a few skateboarders, conscious of the environmental impacts of skateboard production but also with a passion for skateboarding.

We saw base material where most people would see waste, we commenced making our quality handcrafted skateboards. As skateboarders it is important for us to be in touch and immersed in skateboarding culture, to be able to supply our products and provide events to an already thriving community.


In 2014 re:ply organised “Cultural Canons and Kickflips” in the old Govanhill Baths; working with Youngo and Div Adam from Concreate, who built some obstacles for us to skate the pool. We wanted to showcase the creativity of the talented Sottish skateboarding scene so we curated an art exhibition in the cubicles round the edge of the pool whilst Djs: Bessa, Greenman, Dr Tuner and Band PAWS played in the shower block at the end of the pool, all whilst the pool was being skated. We also had screenings of local skate films Overcast by Iron Giraffe and Teleboyz 2. 


More recently we curated the re:deckorate exhibition. In January 2018 we asked 50 UK based artists, graphic designers, photographers and other creatives to create a graphic on a re:ply board, with proceeds going to SkatePal.

By the end of the exhibition we had raised £4000 and sold every single board and through showcasing the works of skateboarders, we were able to change publics perceptions of skateboarding stereotypes by showing creativity. 

Due to this success, we were asked to organise another re:deckorate in London in 2019, collaborating with SkatePal.

For this exhibition we wanted to go bigger and further than the first one. We did this by reaching out to skateboarders and artists around the globe and ended up with boards coming in from 16 different countries. As well as reaching skateboarders globally, we attracted some high profile names from the art and skateboarding scene , people such as Nick Jensen of Isle Skateboards, Polly Nor, Toby Paterson, Rob Mathieson, Mike O’shea of The Highbrow company, Leon Washeres illustration of Quim Cardonas wallride at the Brooklyn Banks(Approved by Quim Cardona) , Eloise Dorr, Phil Hackett, Liisa Chisholm, Blair McCafferty of Creature Emporium, Thomas Langley and Dan Dubowitz amongst many other amazing artists!

These events have been such a great opportunity for us and for everyone involved, have established our name amongst the wider skateboarding scene whilst showcasing the amazing work of the talented global skateboarding community. 

As for the proceeds of this exhibition, we are still selling the remaining boards online via @redeckorate on Instagram. We don’t have a final sales total yet but can confirm we have beaten the record of the first exhibition. (So, If anyone still wants to contribute to an amazing cause and support SkatePal, the artists and us at re:ply then have a look on the @redeckorate Instagram page)


We recycle used skateboards from a range of charitable donations; reshaping boards from old decks. 

Recently we are expanding our range and have bought in new decks to supply the demand for popsicle shaped boards. However in order to continue our ethos of sustainability we screen print any new boards as well as our recycled boards, this avoids wasting energy and the single use plastic used in traditional skateboard graphics. 

In the next few weeks we are excited to be releasing a new range, designed by local designer Phoebe Willison followed by some very interesting colabs with another Scottish based skateboard recycling company ;)

In addition to the skateboards and clothing we have been using offcuts and snapped boards to make some other quirky products, again soon to be released.

In addition to the core re:ply range we try to add some extra flavour by working with local artists who we admire. These have included SkatePal, Phil Wilson, Graham Anderson, Kashif Saghar (Kashcam), Iron Giraffe and CodeWordZebra.

Without giving too much away we have some high profile and exciting collaboration projects coming up in 2019 too.  

In organising these collaborations, we aim to bring together great ideas and concepts and develop them into exciting products and events, whilst telling the stories of the artists or organisations we’re working with. 

Future Plans

We want to spread the word about who we are, what we do and why sustainability is so important.

We will continue to put on events for the skateboarding scene and aim to get more people involved in the already diverse community, proving that with the right mindset people will be welcomed, no matter what their background is.

We have been helping with the construction of DIY skateparks around Glasgow and working with local authorities to consider the benefits of an urban sports environment and will continue to strive to get more tolerance of skateboarding in and around public spaces.

We are researching new methods of producing sustainable products form and with skateboards.

…..and bigger news!  We will be heading to Palestine in September to work with SkatePal; teaching kids about sustainability and creativity and helping in the organisation of a skate festival in Palestine. This will be documented and shown in a short documentary. 

But most importantly we’ll continue skateboarding!

Instagram: @re_plyskateboards

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