This is the second in a wee series looking at people doing great things in the Scottish skateboard scene, this time we check out Skateburds.

Skateburds started as a way to welcome anyone in to try skating, make friends and progress in a positive environment. Skateboarding has historically been male dominated and Skateburds aim to promote change and offer a way to start skating, progress at your own rate and feel comfortable doing so.

The group was started by Mara from Doyenne Skateboards and since September 2018 has been run by Rachel Campbell. Keep an eye on the Instagram account ‘Skateburds’ for updates on planned skate meet ups.

Rachel has this to say about the ethos and purpose of the group:

“Skateburds is for everyone, not just female skaters because everyone is allowed to be involved. Skateburds helps involve new and advance, young and old skaters in the skate community, mainly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This builds friendships and trust and helps the community grow within skateboarding. You’re likely to skate more if you have people to skate with which benefits everybody in the scene – the more skaters the better!”

The Social on BBC recently had an episode about Skateburds:

Instagram: @skateburds

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