Livingston Skatepark is now officially a listed structure!

Historic Environment Scotland have just announced that Livingston skatepark has officially been designated as a “listed structure at category B”. Here’s a link to their official announcement post:

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all in the skate community for taking the time to respond to the survey that Historic Environment Scotland (HES) carried out early last year, all of the feedback and information provided to HES helped them to consider and award this designation, they received 557 responses – many with a lot of detailed information.

So, what’s next and what does this actually mean for Livingston Skatepark? It’s early days but what this means is that Livingston is protected, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be preserved in amber though. Livingston is special not just because of the actual physical concrete but because of what it means to the skate community both locally in Livingston but also elsewhere in Scotland and beyond, this community is the heart of what makes it special. Going forward the next step is for work to be done to refurbish the park, exactly what that will involve remains to be seen at the time of writing but we’re excited for Livingston to continue to be an iconic part of Scotland’s skate heritage.

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