Kelvingrove Comp Report

We knew that the most important factor when we organised a comp
to be held in September in Glasgow was going to be the weather.
Fortunately the police managed to pick the right day to run their ‘Choices
for Life’ event and it was dry.

The tunes started up at midday with Seany B’s crew playing some nice
and rapper Jinx hitting us with some nice lyrics. There was a pretty big
crowd at the park as usual for a Saturday afternoon. We had to run the
comp in between various bands that were playing every half hour. Having to
fit in each of the comps between the bands playing did not really make our
lives very easy. Things had to be kind of rushed. The under 13’s comp
started at about oneish. Highlights from this comp included Teabag’s
down the really wide 4 set, Jesly’s nice boardslides down the handrails
and Kieran ollieing off as many large obstacles as he could.

Next up was the under 16s. The number of really good skaters in this age
group is definitely down to the fact that Glasgow has had a nice street
park for the young ones to learn on for a wee while now. These guys were
killing the big rail. Jamie Hall made a sick 5-0, Sean Guthrie backside
boardslid and David Rice made a feeble. Peter Issac’s 360 grab over the
spine was a real crowd pleaser too.

If you thought the under-16s sounded good, you should have seen the older
ones. Geoff Angus’s late shuv-it down the big set was sick. Peter Stewart’s
transfer from the wee bowl into the mini-ramp had to be seen to be
believed. It was a shame that he never made the 360 grab attempt. Ross
Vicers’ kickflip over the rail was healthy too. The youngest man in the
comp, Tom Shimmin, made lotsa nice smooth flips with one 360 flip over the
fun box which could not be faulted in any way.

The judging team of Ronnie, Ryan, Seany/Jezzy B, and myself were finding
it very difficult to judge due to the high standards of all the entrants
to all the competitions. After much deliberation we came up with the
results as follows:

Under 13
1st – Teabag
2nd – Samuel B
3rd – Declan

Under 16
1st – David Rice
2nd – Jamie Hall
3rd – Jordan Coleman

16 plus
1st – Peter Stewart
2nd – Harry Stewart
3rd – Thomas Shimmin

Best trick
Peter Isaac – 360 grab over the spine

Skateboard Scotland also arranged a raffle for a couple of decks and a
Skateboard Scotland tee signed by Steve Caballero, Karl Watson, Matt Beach
etc. Who were over for the Ethos event held in Aberdeen last October.
Congratulations to the 3 winners who looked mighty stoked on their prizes.
Thanks to the rest of you who bought tickets. All the profits will be
going towards supporting and promoting Scottish Skating.

Big thanks to the Sponsors of the comp Medic Skateboards, Clan, Boardwise
and Four Down. Without those guys you would not have had any prizes. No
thanks to the thieving wee swines who taxed 2nd and 3rd prizes for the
under 16s. Less stuff for the product toss at the end due to that hiccup.
I will remember to watch the prizes with a lot more effort next time. See
you all next year.

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