Go Skateboarding Day – June 21st

June 21st brings about the ‘official holiday of skateboarding’ – GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.

This global event has been happening since 2004, the Go Skateboarding Day website explains it as:

Go Skateboarding Day (GSD), held on June 21, is the official holiday of skateboarding. The holiday began June 21, 2004 as an excuse for skateboarders to skip their obligations, go skateboarding and have fun!

Founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), Go Skateboarding Day gives passionate skateboarders who embody skateboarding, as well as those who are simply inspired by skateboarding, the opportunity to drop everything and get on a skateboard. GSD is a cooperative of decentralized events that take place around the globe. Skateboard retailers, manufacturers, skateparks, distributors, organizations and individuals of all colors, creeds, and attitudes hold skateboarding events to celebrate the holiday.

GSD originated as the day for skateboarders to have fun, to raise awareness about the issues we face, to show the world what skateboarding is really all about, to reclaim our culture and to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration of independence it continues to be. In the three years since that first celebration, the holiday continues to grow, but the mission remains the same: Have fun, go skateboarding!

Last years event was pretty successful with skaters in over 32 countries organising events and going skateboarding, why not organise something at your local park yourself, or just take some time off and go cruise down the street somewhere.

You can find out more about the event at on the website, there are also graphics and banners for creating your own promotional materials for any events you organise, you can also let them know about any organised events too.

Go Skateboarding Day events

Aberdeen – “A wee dirl aboot the toon, likes”

An Aberdeen skateboard event as part of the global Go Skateboarding Day.

Go Skateboarding Day is the global holiday dedicated to skateboarding. The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) has created a day when every skateboarder in the world can focus 100% on skateboarding.

While most of us skateboard just about every day of the year anyway, this one day is dedicated to supporting skateboarding in any and every way you can think of.

Go Skateboarding Day has become one of the busiest days of the year in skateboarding.

The underlying focus will be to get our core skateboard retailers to benefit from this event by getting customers into their stores. We all have a responsibility to protect the core spirit of skateboarding by keeping the true skateboard retailers alive and kicking.

With the help and support of everyone involved in skateboarding, the power of this global group focus is immense. Every skateboard manufacturer reaches out to every retailer and every retailer reaches out to every skateboarder, creating a world-wide chain reaction of fun!

As part of this global festival of skateboarding, the skaters of Aberdeen and surrounding areas have created their own event called ‘A wee dirl aboot the toon, likes’.

The day will kick off at 12.30pm at Transition Extreme Sports Ltd. at the beach. The skaters will be given a secret itinerary of skate spots throughout the city. The group will then embark on their day’s travels, finally returning to the Transition Skatepark later that evening for a closing session and barbecue.

The skateboarders will then attempt to skate the marathon distance of 26.2 miles around the keyhole bowl in the skatepark. Funds raised during this exploit will be put towards the completion of the skatepark construction. Please give generously.

The whole day will be documented by filmers and photographers. The footage and photos will be on display at Transition following the event.

Dundee – Dudhope skatepark:

Nothing formal, just come along and have a skate, maybe some barbecues?

Go Skateboarding Day website:

Check it out at www.goskateboardingday.org.

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