Harrow Skatepark under threat

Harrow skatepark is under threat of demolition to make way for a new leisure centre. If you’re not aware of Harrow Skatepark the check out the website at http://www.harrowskatepark.co.uk which gives details about this piece of skateboarding history. The situation on the park’s future is outined there:

The Council are currently planning to build a brand new leisure centre. According to the planners, the only way to do this is to destroy one of the oldest, and most glorious skateparks left in the UK.
Harrow Skatepark was the starting point for many a carreer, as well as being a wonderful place to learn to ride and skate. It is one of the only original 1970s concrete skateparks left, and to destroy such an important piece of our heritage would be a travesty. I only hope they come to their senses and find a plan which could leave the park intact.
Over the years the park has seen riders from all over the world come to experience it’s curves, and nobody except the council want to see it go. This is not about building a new, ‘better’ park ‘designed by the young people who use it’, but saving a piece of Harrow’s history.

Show your support people…

If you want to show your support there is a petition organised, go and sign it here:


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