‘Killin the Kirk’ Falkirk Skate comp 2007 Report & Photo Gallery

Words: Ali Menzies

Once again Youngo managed to organise the fine event that is Killing the Kirk. These are the sort of events that Skateboard Scotland is all about. Events that are run for the scene by the scene. This is what we want to see more of. Youngo did more than just organise the event this year, as well as getting about 75 quid rounded up he also managed to build an extension onto the biggest quarter at the Falkirk Park. Took him another hole in the head but he got there. The event was sponsored by Route 1 and Focus who provided us with some product and Skateboard Scotland who chucked in 60 quid to the kitty as well as some stickers.

The Skateboard Scotland Gene was in full effect and the event kicked off with the usual mini ramp jam. Everyone including myself loves riding that ramp and it is so much less slippy since it has been given a coat of paint. To say this went off is an understatement. Will fae Livi was making fat double flips to fakie. Div had a sick run which included a sweet 360 wish to round up. Benson and Ben Layden were ripping up the half-pipe too. Mark 92 (the mini-ramp champ) even came out of the woodwork to land some crazy re-vert action. The prizes in this round were beer and cash for the old yins and t-shirts for the young ones. Some wee kid was super stoked to land a rock fakie and win himself a tee.

We then moved onto the hip out of the mini. I seem to remember some wee kid airwalking the hip which was sick. Div and Benson were flying out of the hip at ridiculous heights. Wu-tang Sean was doing some flamingo shit over the hip which was pretty sick. A break was then convened prior to the fun box session.

The fun box was a bit tamer than the rest of the comps. Airwalk kid was at it again. Kieran made a kickflip. Will was going for the ridiculous WOTT backside flip transfer that we all know that he can do. Mark 92 was making a few nice ledge tricks across the fun box. Will won a board for his troubles although the backside flip did elude him on the day. More cash was handed out.

The final event of the day was on Youngo’s creation. Not many stepped up to this challenge. Div and Benson were the standouts on the day. Benson frontside rock and rolled it. Div was airing out of the top of it. Col was going for the 540 alley oops out of it onto the bank. Benzo managed to almost break his neck with the upside down superman. Fortunately he did not land on his head. The final cash was dished out. Followed by the mandatory product toss.

The weather was nice and my two daughters let me get on with judging and MCing the Jam. So all in all another fine Killing the Kirk. See you all next year.

Photo Gallery

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