Kirkcaldy Skate comp 2007 Report & Photo Gallery

Words: Stu Hill

I awoke on the Saturday with a bounding headache, the memorys of my friends wedding a little bit fuzzy due to the free wine on offer. I got my lazy back-side out of bed and headed to Kirkcaldy skatepark and I was glad I did, the sun was out, the tunes were flowing from the sound system and decks kindly supplied by the YMCA. As my headache wore off, we got the comp under way. First up was the under 16’s who took no time in ripping the park apart, they might have been pint size but there was nothing pint size about the tricks being put down. Kerr from Haddington shone through with a relaxed ramp style, his mate Mark doing the same giving the judges a hard job. Fifer Matty made full use of having the park to himself and stuck down a solid run. The sun continued to beam and the over 16’s rolled out. Last years winner Scott Ramsay showed he was game to hold on to his title with a massive 270 melon over the hip and old skool legend Kenny Simpson landed a mean early grab on the quarter that looked straight outta an old powell vid. Talking of old skool, new comer to the Kdy comp Freddy knocked out some smooth 5.0 nosegrabs on the halfpipe before landing some sal flip hybrid that had to have been seen to be understood.

Now, ok, skateboard scotland is an organisation dedicated to skating but I aint a biased person and when I was asked to run a bmx comp after the skating I said aye, I’ll give it my best shot. So, out rolled the bikers. Kdy locals Big John and Kenny destroyed it, John nailling a tailwhip so clean that would have taken your head off if you happened to skate in his path. Kenny flowed the whole park, getting more air than Richard Bransons hot air balloons.

The best part of the whole day, to me, was the downhill comp. Now if you haven’t skated the downhill at the Bevi park in Kirkcaldy, I recommend you do. I’ve skated Kirkcaldy since I was 14 and I’ve seen grown men cry from slams on this hill. I myself have left lumps of my skin on the tarmac. It starts mellow but very quickly gets the speed going, you hit a mellow right, than a mellow left which gets tighter. Needless to say no matter how many times you hit it, it still puts the fear in you. Scott managed to hang on and pass the line first, picking up a deck for the effort.

All in all a great day, tunes, sun, skatepark and a mean downhill. Thanks to Kirkcaldy YMCA & Liz Easton for funding the event and supplying the PA and decks. Thanks to Dod & Lyle for djing and giving me support on the mic. Thanks also goes out to Route One and Focus for some of the prizes.

Most of all, thanks to all the skaters that turned up and skated, without you guys there would be no point in these events!!!

Get practising that downhill and I’ll see everyone there next year!!!!!!!!


Over 16’s;

  1. Scott Ramsay
  2. Kenny Simpson
  3. Freddy

Under 16’s

  1. Kerr
  2. Matty
  3. Mark Murray

Best Trick:

  • Mark Murray – Sal Flip over hip


  • Scott Ramsay

Photo Gallery

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