Muir of Ord Skatepark News

Some news about the Muir of Ord Skatepark project:

Muir of Ord skate park is due to be built very soon. Work should be completed by mid may, hopefully. The park has been built be SK8 Ramps UK out of skatelight. There will also be floodlighting around the park and a landscaped grass area (we’ll see how that works at winter) which you can camp on. Park is made up of, One half pipe at 5FT high, a hip, a 2 long 5ft quarters, a flat bank, a 5ft spine, a funbox and ledge, a pyramid and ledge, a roll in and flat bank. Lots of platform space and a wee bit of flat land space too. There are plans to extend the park next year, including a half bowl, a flat bank with lip and a quarter bowl, with maybe a rail or 2. There will be a big opening session going down there soon, no set date yet though :(

Also Inverness jam, hopefully 31st of May this year, however that’s not been confirmed as yet. Distinct clothing, ourselves, FON clothing and i think sk8 ramps UK will be chipping in for the prizes, along with BBQ and music.. Please don’t stick this on the dates just yet.. not all there yet.. but pretty much down to happen. Hoping to get some skye folk down via mini bus.

Adsire skate park will be getting Revamped in Skatelight straight after Muir of Ord as well as 2 new quarters added. Should be good.

Number of jams planned over the summer, no set dates, but Dingwall, Nairn, Adsire, Muir, Beauly and Invergordon.

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