Skateboard Scotland AGM 27/09/08 at Transgression Park Edinburgh

Board Members present:
Ali Menzies AM, Neil Currie NC, Sam Paterson SP, Ian Young IY,Rick Curran RC, Sean McCabe SM and Kenny Omund KO.

Apologies from Beki Menzies, Alex Smith, Paul Sylvester and Stu Hill.

Non Board Members in Attendance this year Paul Maxwell and Dougie Graham.

Also in attendance was John Travers from Edinburgh Council to let us know about the Edinburgh Skate Park progress.

AM welcomed everyone in attendance at the meeting. The current board was introduced to the non-board members present at the meeting.

AM then ran though what SS have been up during the course of the past year.

SS have met with Sport Scotland to try and push forward the governing body status for skateboarding in Scotland. PS is pulling together a document in conjunction with his work with Radworx. This document will form the basis on all training to become an instructor in Skateboarding in Scotland. SS will then be able to visit all providers of skateboard training to ensure that they are training skateboarders in the correct way. These people/institutions will then get the SS seal of approval.

The current membership level for Skateboard Scotland is sitting at 1072 members.

SS have been involved with a few events this year. The biggest being WOTT. This has now grown to involve a price kitty of 3500 pounds along with a Shralper trophy designed by none other than Daryl Smith. The event drew a big crowd again as usual and got a 8 page write up in Sidewalk. SS were also involve with a few local community events including the opening of the Dalkeith skatepark, and the yearly burdiehouse do in the burn event.

The SS website is about to revamped by RC so that other board Members will find it easier to update. This should allow us to keep the site fresher in appearance and keep Scotland more up to date with what is going on. The whole board is looking forward to getting this up and running.

AM then went through the SS accounts to which there were no questions and they were agreed. Thanks to our treasurer Alex for completing the accounts for us again.

AM then moved onto the election of the board for the 08-09 period. AM announced that Craig Mitchell is standing down as a board member. The elections commenced:

  • Ali Menzies was nominated as chair by NC seconded by SM
  • Neil Currie was nominated as Vice Chair by AM seconded by SP
  • Beki Menzies was nominated as Secretary by AM seconded by SP
  • Rick Curran was nominated as Vice Secretary by AM seconded by NC
  • Alex Smith as nominated as Treasurer by AM seconded by SP
  • Sam Paterson was nominated as Vice Treasurer by AM seconded by IY

The other board members were nominated as follows:

  • Iain Young was nominated by AM seconded by SP
  • Kenny Omond was nominated by AM seconded by NC
  • Sean McCabe was nominated by AM seconded by Paul Maxwell
  • Paul Sylvester was nominated by NC seconded by AM
  • Stu Hill was nominated by AM seconded by NC

The Official part of the meeting was finished. John Travers from Edinburgh Council then gave us an update on Edinburgh Council’s progress with regards to the Edinburgh skatepark project. The application has now been submitted to planning and members of the public are able to comment on application through the planning portal. Details of how people can submit their opinion on the application will be made available on the site. Please ensure that everyone passes their opinion on this.

The meeting was then adjourned and the members of the board moved through to the skatepark to run the end of the summer skate jam.

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