‘Radness Unlimited’ comp report

Skateboard Scotland were asked if they wanted to help run a competition at Trangression Park in Edinburgh for the RNLI Charity. Well since it was for charity and it meant the chance for a another skate jam in the capital, how could we say no.

Sunday the 30th of November was the date. Ali, Neil and Sean were the Skateboard Scotland heads running the comp.

There were three age groups.12 and under, 13-15 and 16+. There were preliminary rounds for all the entrants followed by a final for the best riders from each category. The competition was tough at all of the levels though the 16 and over was just ridiculous.

12 and under:

Dillan Stevens was the stand out from this age group. He is from Livi. Of course he is going to rip. He cruised around the whole park with transfers left right and centre. Finlay managed to ollie transfer the spine in the final jam to earn himself second place.


The final jam for this one was good viewing. Matty 360 flipped to fakie on the big flat bank in the corner. You could tell that his folks have been taking him round the parks in Fife for a long time with the size of the Melons that he was pulling over the fun box. Kieran won the best slam for trying to take out one of the big posts. Not a good choice. That did not help his run out. He did make some  lovely big frontside ollies on the big one not mention transferring all over the place and trying to pull a massive kickflip indy which eluded him. Cammy managed to stick his 360 backside mellie to the delight of the crowd.


This is definitely the best comp skating that I have seen at Transgression. The guys got 2 one minute runs each followed by a jam for the final. The consistency of Martin, Paul and Kerr was crazy. We just let the final Jam run until the guys could not skate any more. Not sure how they managed to stay up for so long. Martin was being his usual tech wizard with 360 flips to rock fakie and all sorts of big spins variations. Bananas! Kerr was going real big on the main part of the park and earned himself the best trick (s) award (see below for details). The judges found it really hard to decide between Paul and Kerr as the comp was so tight. Paul managed to pip Kerr at the post with a smooth as you like kickflip backside mellied and kickflip backside disastered on the biggest quarter first go not to mention the 180 backside mellie over the fun box and the crooked grind down the handrail. I well deserved win. Now get yersel down to schuh for some proper skate shoes!!

And the winners are:

12 and Under

  1. Dillan Stevens
  2. Finlay Ogilvie
  3. Chris
  4. Desmond Johnston


  1. Matt Welsh
  2. Kieran Menzies
  3. Campbell Barnett
  4. Jordan Rankin


  1. Paul Clover
  2. Kerr Mclachlan
  3. Martin Maguire
  4. Paul Maxwell
  • Best Slam Kieran Menzies
  • Best Trick Kerr for every trick possible on top of the massive ramp as you come in: mayday, backside disaster, one-footed blunt etc….

A good time was had by all. Good effort by Steve Mitchell for organising this, sorting out the beers for the MC and hopefully make some money for charity. Big thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible. Check out http://www.radness-unlimited.com:80/ for the details as there are far too many to list.

Thanks to all that took part. See you all at the Skateboard Scotland Winter Jam in Dumbarton once we get it sorted out.




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