Interview with Kerr McLachlan

So Kerr, tell us a bit about yourself, your name, where you’re from, how long you’ve been skating for? 

My name is Kerr Mclachlan and I stay in Haddington, East Lothian or with my girlfriend Deas Mcmorrow in Glasgow. 

I’ve been skating for about 7 years or something.

What’s your usual way to start your day off?

Haha, everyday is a day off, I usually start my day off with a greggs.

What do you do when your not skateboarding?

Watch hollyoaks n stuff, ride trains, be with friends and my lovely girlfriend.

What made you get into skateboarding?

I got bored of setting fires and the usual stuff people do if they’re bored.

What would you say about the scottish skateboard scene and skateparks ? 

Livingston’s good but its full of bladers, not many skateboarders in Scotland, pretty shit but good parks.

If you could leave scotland right now and go somewhere else where would it be?

Australia or America, anywhere sunny with nice skateparks and nice boys..fakey and lots of nice juice to wake up with.

Most recent skate trip you have went on?

The most recent trip was down to england for war of the roses, It was good fun minus the yogurt incident and youngo keeping us up all night crying.

Current skateboard set up?

Snapped, getting a new one tomorrow anti hero or some shit. Always ride indys 149 are the best. 

Any wheels over 55mm I guess but I have spitfire 60mms the now.

Who is your favourite up in coming skater from scotland?

Neil 2.0 or Dea’s wee brother.

who would you say is the most under-rated skater you know?


List your top three skaters?

  • Aaron Wilmot
  • Gnarly gaz
  • Youngo

List you top three skateparks?

  • Blantyre
  • Livingston
  • My serect chamber haha

List your top three films?

  • Taxi driver
  • Dirty dancing
  • Heathers

List your top 3 tricks?

  • Slappys
  • Fs grinds
  • Ollies

To finish this interview off you got anything else to say to us?

Ali Menzies looks like white ghandi skate for life deas mcmorrow skate skate skate bang bang zander ritchie.

Interview by Zander Ritchie.

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