Kirkintilloch Skatepark Update

Constructon is going well.  The Build began at the end of June when the contractor
began making the access road.  Construction of the skatepark began in earnest in
the middle of the month and progress has been steady.  On track for a September
finish. Hoping for some dry weather when they get to the concrete


The skatepark is
being built on the surface because the ground is very wet.  Bendcrete have come
up with an eco friendly alternative to using expanded polestyrene foam or new
Type 1 stone as a filler to form the ramps by using tyre bales made of used
tyres.  Tyres are notoriously difficult to get rid of and this creates another
use for them.  They are already used on other construction projects as long as
there is not a need for heavy weight bearing i.e. big lorries or buildings etc. 
This also helps to keep costs down so they can be sure to spend as much as
possible on concrete and getting the park right.


See attached photos of the build so far. Thanks to Kirkintilloch Skatepark Initiative
for the update.

4 Foundations for Perimeter Walls c

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