UK has their first ever winner of an Xgames skate contest

On the 31st July in LA history was made for the
second time this year for the UK Vert scene. Sam Bosworth for Cornwall became the winner of Xgames Vert
2009.  Second place was Sam Beckett also for the UK and in
3rd place Pedro Barros from Brazil. What seems like a close fought out contest the UK guys came
out on top. I’m sure you will all agree this is a well deserved result
for Both the Sam’s who have blown up like rockets in the last few
years. As they now head home straight for Boardmasters in Newquay
this will make next weekend even more exciting, and to top it off Alex Perleson is also heading for Newquay
and stands a good chance of winning Xgames Pro tomorrow. Boardmasters this year looks like it will be one of the best
we have ever seen.

Update courtesy of Wingy at the UKSA.

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